Business Basics 101

mountain business basics 101

Mountain Lake Resort Business Basics 101

Business Basics 101 should be a required course for contractors and utility work scheduled for the mountain lake resort area because common sense seems to be lacking.

Yes, yes, GG is aware that sometimes you just have to get things done based on the short window of good weather here in the mountains but when it comes to decisions that directly effect the bottom line of local merchants–you gotta use some common sense.

This morning, for instance, more than half of the Interlaken parking lot was closed to vehicle access due to resurfacing of the asphalt.


Never mind the horrible entry design into the center and the fact that there are little to no pathways for pedestrians to amble safely. Businesses such as the Starbucks were heavily impacted by the lack of access to the drive through and access by customers.

Locals are another thing–since we know about the work around via the back lot corridor. However, doing the work in sections would not have impacted the businesses as heavily and should have been a consideration–at least in my kingdom where I rule as the queen and could say things such as, “Off with their heads!”

This area has a reputation of not being business friendly and I’d say it is time to change things up so this no longer is the case.

Arizona Pipeline

Now this brings to mind that I didn’t tell you about my discussion with the Arizona Pipeline guys. They are actually pretty congenial and you can get answers or cooperation if you take the time to engage them.

Early on in the pipeline project here in Fawnskin, I was told that their repairs were only temporary and that correction and repaving would occur once they were done with the project updating the lines around these parts.

I just heard about the neighbor who had some trouble with damage to his fencing. I’d suggest you call their office and let them know about it.  (Grab the Arizona Pipeline number here at the Fawnskin Flyer.)

fire water plane

Over the weekend we didn’t get a lot of precip over at my Fawnkin abode but some of the lightening strikes sparked some small forest fires around the valley.

Personally, when their is thunder and lightening I would not want to be out on the lake–as a lightening rod of sorts. Even so, a lot of people were enjoying themselves oblivious to any danger.

Jack over at SoCalMountains took this great snap of the water plane loading up and I just thought I’d share it with you.

Have a great week and I’ll be back…

Photo Credit: Super Scooper by Jack

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