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fawnskin post office tech update

Chipper n’ tech in Fawnskin? Yep, hot breaking news items in our mountain lake resort this week. Or at least that seems to be the trend as we get ready to head into the fall season.

Fawnskin Tech

Postmaster Mike reports that the 1970s equipment in the Fawnskin Post Office is being upgraded to more high tech options. GG has to tell ya that it sure doesn’t sound like it is going to be a breeze.

However, PM Mike took off to spend the day picking the brain of the Sky Forest Postmaster–she has been using the system for over a year.

It might be nice to have something a bit more functional but things don’t appear to automatically sync up and so I’ll have to give you my input once it is put into place.

You’d think the upgrade would make things a bit more efficient but it sounds pretty complex.

The good news is that we will get the full report upon PM Mike’s return.

Chipper in Fawnskin

Fawnskin Folks have been cleaning up their yards and I’ve had a few ask about yard clean up options.

Most home owners have a punch card as incentive to haul the debris over to the dump.

However, if you have yard foliage and cuttings there is also another option.

First you can visit the nifty site, Thin is In and fill out the form.

Of course, there is an “On Demand” number you can call to leave your name and property address. The toll free number: 1-877-771-CHIP (2447).

Neighbors report that this service has been pretty quick–usually within a couple of days.

Now the Big Bear Valley Fire Safety Council has additional information but the site seems a little outdated. The contact address is PO Box 6328, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315 or connect using email: [email protected]

fawnskin ducklings

Up the Creek

Yesterday, over on Grout Creek there was a convention.

Not your usual gathering people might expect–but a rather wild one.

You see, all the mallard hens were showing off their ducklings.

These offspring are so grown up that it is hard to tell the little guys from the hens.

GG thinks it is worth an early morning stroll to check it out.

Which brings me to this point…folks have been asking why I have been out so early.


Perhaps it is because nobody sees me out and about much but I do happen to be an early riser.

This does not mean I am functional, but I am up.

Of course, if I am in town, my strolls are usually midday. This is because I am taking a break from working to get out and stretch.

I know you were holding your breath wondering about this…

Bear It

There are still reports of early morning bear activity so use common sense when it comes to your trash.

Neighbor’s who have trash service in town (near Canyon) sensibly switched their routines and began putting their cans out the morning of trash pickup.

In about a week the trash digger moved on.

In case you have forgotten that I have written about this trashy bear issue, you can refer to previous posts:

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