Fawnskin August Potluck

wedding in the woods

Okay, it is official, GG is back. Just thought you might like to know. I took a stroll yesterday but was focused on recovering from a long, long travel day.

What was my idea of long? I traveled from 6am until a little after 7pm after a sleepless night. Ugh. The big problem was that my ride bombed out on me the night before I left and so I was stuck down at Metrolink for just under four hours until MARTA arrived.

It was very hot and since my normal hang out with air conditioning closes early on Saturday, it was exhausting. If I had slept the night before I might have remembered my neighbor who said to call if I needed a lift, or perhaps would have emailed Snoop Sister Deb to discover that she was returning home on the same day–but lack of sleep and intense heat don’t make for clear thinking!

The good news is that I did make it home and was fortunate that my other neighbor picked me up at the Fawnskin Post Office to give me a luggage lift. Char and Rick also had the great idea to pack up a dinner surprise–which was much appreciated and much needed after such a long day.

It is good to be back but very hot in comparison to my stay on the foggy coastline which I’ll fill you in about later.

Wedding in the Woods
Speaking of Snoop Sister Deb, she and her family headed out for a camping adventure and ended up celebrating a wedding in the woods!

Held up in Lee Vining, Shadow was asked to be part of the ceremony but got distracted by her nose when she passed by her mom–good thing she was on a leash!

If you want to view the video of the ceremony, it is below. The wedding ceremony is only about 4 minutes although the video is over 11 minutes.

Personally, I found the fishing pole wedding arch a nice touch.

Big Bear Air Fair
Correspondent Rick did a good job photographing the Big Bear Air Fair but I haven’t had the fortune of finding anyone to share Doo Dah Parade photos. News on the MARTA was that the Air Fair was heavily attended, and despite parking issues, was a bit cooler than normal and a lot of fun.

NSIA August Potluck
Speaking of which, the North Shore Improvement Association Potluck is tonight and will be at Captain John’s Marina aka Fawn Harbor. The potluck dinner starts at 6:00pm but NSIA asks that you come by at 5:30pm to chat with your neighbors and share photos from the Doo Dah Parade.

Okay, that is it for today but I’ll be posting again Wednesday.

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