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So GG had a busy weekend but I made sure that I ventured out for a little bit of a break. Although I had the opportunity to do a lot more, I restrained myself and actually did some work followed by some technical required reading in my hammock out on the deck.

I mean if you have to do that, you might as well make it enjoyable–right?

Vintage Wooden Boats

Correspondent Rick photographed the vintage wooden boat show and we must have just missed each other since I did an morning perusal. It was disappointing that they were not going to be traveling around the lake–but they were amazing.

Truth be told (yeah, yeah–hold yer tongues), it has been a long while since I have ventured down to see it. The last time was–err, never mind.

I took the time to vote for the Serpent since it was so stunning. Wouldn’t you know–it was owned by a Big Bear local–as were many of the watercraft.

Art on the Lake

Art on the Lake was my next stop. There were not as many artisans as there have been in the past but the work is always amazing and I was searching for any “have-to-have” items. Since I needed to grab lunch, I took a break and then returned to drop by to visit with a couple of local artists, Annie Aldrich (Annie’s Garden Ceramics) and Susan Labouri (Eagles Nest Studios). Both are super people and amazing talents.

In the end, I left empty handed only because I had to dash but I did run into some other amazing works that need to be mentioned. I misplaced the card of the wood inlay artist–stunning work and the amazing inlay map he constructed had over 1,000 hours of labor. He also had some great wood post cards of Big Bear Lake and Lake Arrowhead.

Walter Wogee of Skyforest had some amazing rockers, Jeff & Pamela Whitney (Sacred Hive & Gnome Home Living) of Crestline combined artistry with eco-friendly strategies to make some interesting and attractive goods.

After my morning adventures I was too tired to get over to the Cowboy Gathering but have to thank my neighbor for the offer anyway.

And just wait until you see what I have for you on Wednesday…you won’t believe it. And I didn’t mention the names of the culprits involved. Heh, heh, heh…

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