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fawnskin road work

Fawnskin Construction Crews

Fawnskin has been filled with construction work and repairs. About is a snap of some of the men working hard to complete the pipe replacement by winter.

Fawnskin Post Office News

As you might have noticed, the mail was seriously delayed one day this week.

It seems that the contractor servicing our postal service was not properly maintaining its trucks. The consequence was that the California Highway Patrol prevented the operation of the delivery truck down near Snow Valley until the problem was corrected.

In case you were wondering, the updated system at the Fawnskin PO requires a lot more time for the close out procedure which is why things have changed up a little.

Wood Update

GG got an email from Tom stating that he has given up on attempts to coordinate a discount and delivery of wood.

Another Tom (who has the big blue truck that holds about six cords of wood) usually services the valley on a regular basis so you might check the Super Shopper for his number. In the past he has sold avocado wood.

Old Fashioned Picnic

This weekend means that it is time for the 8th Annual Old Fashioned Picnic. All Fawnskin residents, home owners, and their friends and family are invited.

This gathering will take place on Saturday from 4:00pm until 7:00pm at Captain John’s Marina aka Fawn Harbor.

Fawn Park

I mentioned this before and I won’t be attending but in case you missed the announcement:

fawn park

Now since it says “weather permitting” locals are wondering if it is a trick.

However, rumors that residents are doing coordinated rain dances are false.

Horse Town

Fawnskin has been becoming more of a horse town of late.

In fact, one of the neighbors rides through the area on his horse with his dog at the heel. His horse is well taken care of with shelter, lots of exercise and attention.

The two most recent horse sightings have been down behind the old Buck N’ Doe near Grout Creek.

However, today I got a distinct whiff of horse but only sighted the animal this evening.

fawnskin horse

Some neighbors have taken offensive to some of the livestock around here and many of the yard chickens have been removed due to complaints.

It will be interesting to see what plays out on this matter.

However, I’d hope the owner would give the animal more space with shelter from the elements at the very least.

New Housing

Word on the street is that the new housing development near the village will be open for business in a month or so. The place looks great and rents are rumored to be contingent on income.
low cost housing

Okay, that is it for me for the moment. Have a great weekend.

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