Flour on My Hiking Boots

So one of GG’s creative releases is to bake or cook–and then feed the neighbors. If you live in my neighborhood, it is likely that you have received a piece of pie, chili verde, stew, chili, quiche and a variety of other┬ádelectables. If not, you should move into Fawnskin!

Now the picture of the Shoo Fly Pie was a project of a pal of mine while I “suffered” in the mansion on the beach up in Carmel but this week I found myself fiddling with a pan de huevo recipe.

As you know, high altitude baking and cooking can be a challenge.

For instance, Mary (the sister of my pal Hope) didn’t factor in the additional cooking time for one of the meat dishes and forgot that it necessary to increase the poultry baking time in the oven.

This can throw a wrench in your party plans if you are oblivious to some of the rules related to creating a feast in high altitude.

There are a few factors that make getting things right a bit tricky.

For instance, barometric pressure is thought to be an influence but most books tell you only about altitude and temperature variations. I remember when I had a few people test the same recipe across the valley–they all reported different rates of success.

Basically you tend to get it over time, but in the meanwhile you sometimes forget or make a mess in the process.

For instance, after my short hike around town, I returned home just beating the rain storm. It happens to be a good break activity for me because it is creative and then has a tangible, rewarding result.

However in this case, when I cranked up my vintage Kitchen Aid mixer to knead the dough–I ended up with flour dust all over the counter, flour, and my hiking boots.

Now that struck me as funny because I forgot to change shoes after my hike. (They are new and I am breaking them in.)

When I get to that cooking series, it might be a good subtitle for it. LOL

Also, because a lot of people have a specific picture in their head about who I am and what I am like, it might disturb them.

You see I have a pretty domestic side–but don’t tell anyone.

In fact, my sister, who is considered a bit more girly than I am, recently laughed over the fact that we have the same taste in girly things when she saw my yard sale score.

Anyway, since I don’t have much news–I thought I would share my adventure in the kitchen.

This weekend means that it is time for the annual old fashioned picnic. All Fawnskin residents, home owners, and their friends and family are invited.

It will take place on Saturday from 4:00pm until 7:00pm at Captain John’s Marina aka Fawn Harbor.

Not sure if I will make it but if I do–say hello!

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