Noisy Fawnskin!

fawnskin gas line road repair

It always amazes and annoys me that Fawnskin is so noisy. It isn’t when you get away from the lake–but the Fawnskin amphitheater and constant road repairs and infrastructure updates get to be a bit much.

The other day I spent time down the hill and was looking forward to some hammock time.

Alas, this was not to be the case since the noise from the work crews and the smell of the asphalt would have made it a noisy, smelly experience instead of a relaxing one.

They’ve been working above my house on the road all this week.

This is why GG loves winter. Not that I am looking forward to another heavy one but at least there isn’t a lot of repairs or construction.

The snow plows, although they can be loud, are infrequent so the noise levels are reduced.

fawnskin road work

Across town, in the more congested living areas, it actually is often more quiet during the day just due to the buildings blocking out some of the noise–but then you get those inconsiderate contractors that blare their radios, let their dogs run amuck and who start work earlier than they should.

I wish more people would hire Mountain Development since they have a good work ethic, leave the place clean, adhere to start times, and fail to blare radios. They certainly don’t bring their animals to the job sites either.

Plus, the two jobs that I have seen them do are amazing.

arizona pipeline

Now don’t get me wrong, I like the Arizona Pipeline crews–they work hard and tend to be very community focused but they’ve been at it all week and I am ready for them to stop now.

fawnskin fire

Fawnskin Fire
Now you might have heard about the fire that erupted up on Brookside & Lodge. Many people thought it was a lightening strike but word on the street is that there was a leak and when work on the lines required recharge, ignition caused a fire.

Fortunately, the fire was put out pretty quickly and didn’t blow up anything. Damage could have been much worse but a little clean up has taken place and one of the trees took the brunt of the flames.

This is why you should clear around the house and avoid highly flammable vegetation.

Dog Attack
Most of the dogs around these parts are well socialized. However, there have been a few issues with two animals.

Those of you who know me understand that I seldom have any problems with the local critters but during a training session with a local dog, Geronimo ran in a direct line over to jump on the dog I was training.

In fact, we were filming and he ran through the camera viewer before the attack. I ran him off and he managed to only to get a mouthful of fur.

This is a good time to remind everyone that there is a leash law here in the county. If your dogs are not confined and escape, you are liable for actions or damage that they cause. You are also responsible for cleaning up after your animals.

Now there are a few boisterous animals around here, and despite appearances, they are innocuous.

However, both Sampson and Geronimo have been in altercations around Fawnskin and one of the neighbors is outraged and threatening action.

If you have been bit, or if your dog has been attacked, you should report it to animal control rather than take matters into your own hands. The number is (800)472-5609. Jamie is one of the humane officers that services our area.

West Nile Human Cases
West Nile in humans has been confirmed in San Bernardino County. You can read more at ROTW. Of course, GG wrote about West Nile last summer. Don’t forget I broke the squirrel story first.

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2 Responses to “Noisy Fawnskin!

  • 1
    October 10th, 2011 16:06

    We just experienced a similar dog attack this past weekend. This was a german shepard named Sparky, on Ridge Rd, and he was walking with 3 adults, one of which was carrying a leash, but Sparky was not connected to it. After being told ‘no’ by his owner, Sparky ran down our hillside, to our porch, where our dog was lying while we were working outside. There was a quick sniff between them and then, in rapid succession, the growl, the teeth and the lunge. My husband was able to grab the collars of both dogs and hold them apart until Sparky’s owner was able to reclaim him. The owner did apologize (I am not sure for which breach), but one of the other adults said “he doesn’t usually bite people” – again unclear about intent, was this was sarcasm, or meant to reassure, but it makes you wonder what he usually bites and what it takes for the occassional person to get bit. Anyway, as you clearly know if a dog fight starts, bites happen and often the human involved doesn’t even know which dog inflicted the bite. This same dog can be seen tied outside most of the day and caged outside at night. I see leashless dogs all the time though and came to the conclusion that there must not be a leash law in the mountains. And, the cleaning up after your dog can’t begin to happen if they are off leash, since the dog often isn’t even within the sight of the owner. I could go on forever on irresponsible pet owners and how they think they are above the law, but it won’t change things. I hoped that the attitude of entitlement that many have would be less prominent in a small town environment…

  • 2
    GG (Gossip Girl)
    October 13th, 2011 06:58

    Thanks for sharing. Yes, I know the dog. It has dashed after me before but I always tell them to knock it off and go home. The problem around here is that many people are very old school is how they manage their animals. Combined with the lack of enforcement (1-2 officers cover the entire mountain communities) it makes for a tough go of it. There are leash laws for both the neighborhood areas and the forest. Both are under different jurisdictions but the lack of enforcement tends to make people bold and lazy.