Potato Farmer of Fawnskin

potato gardening box

Wonder what Andy is up to?

GG has the breaking news report.

Andy Campbell has set his sights on becoming Fawnskin’s first potato farmer.

Well actually, he is experimenting with growing potatos this winter and has constructed a spiffy garden box and on my stroll home last night, I got to take breaking news photos for you because it really is pretty nifty.

You see, in addition to getting a whole lot of supplies, Andy worked out a filter process using the extra screen material to sort out the rocks while he sifted the soil back into the ground.

fawnskin potato garden box

The whole thing is 3′ x 3′ x 3′ and looks like it will keep some of the varmints out of the project but you never know about such things–which is why I think those hanging tomato plants are so popular.

Some of the neighbors have green houses while people (like me) just gave up.

Between the birds, bunnies, squirrels, chipmunks, gophers and other beasts–keeping a garden near the forest is down right tricky.

According to the undisclosed mountain garden expert that Mr. Campbell consulted with, potatoes grow well during the winter.

It seems that it is necessary to plant, water until the first snow and just let ’em be. Then, after they flower, the spuds are ready for consumption.

Also, it is suggested that the soil be left as is and then analyzed after a year or so. Then additional nutrients can be added if needed at that time.

I know you will be holding your breath on this one–so stay tuned for the breaking news as I get it.

In the meantime, as you probably know by my report, nothing much has been happening.

Except that my place is getting a little bit of a face lift. Painting started this week and it is time to bring in wood now that the storage area is completed.

BTW near the Post Office, we have a new resident that looks like she needs some help. I don’t have the full story on the situation yet but you can be sure I will ask about it and let you know what I find.

I also met a new neighbor, Wes–who happens to be a handyman and is super excited about having moved into our mountain lake resort town.

He and his family are living across from Moose Lodge 2085. Be sure to say hello when you get a chance.

Of course, he was so bubbling with enthusiasm, you might have met him already!

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