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So, Monday found me at Moose Lodge 2085 with some of my favorite Fawnskin Folks. It was a night of laughter since Bob Varga, legendary snow plow operator and jack of all trades, was in rare form with some funny jokes and off color humor that I swore I would print, but that I now think that I better not!

The Lodge looks super festive with the Halloween decor. This will change to fall decor this month. My favorite time of year is here–and in case you forgot, clocks will change back an hour this Sunday, November 6, 2011.

Big Bear Lake Access News
Grandma Hope was back up this weekend with her husband working on their place and getting out in the kayak one last time. She wasn’t the only one since I hear that Candy and Karin had plans to hit the water on Sunday as well. People have been talking about the lake and access…so the word is that the West Ramp is closed but the East Ramp will be open until November 30, 2011. You can get more information on lake access and restrictions at the MWD website.

Fawnskin Advisory Committee
County Supervisor Neil Derry has been having a tough time getting applicants for the Fawnskin county service district advisory board. The commission was originally established in 1968 to facilitate better communication with the county supervisors.

Three spots need to be filled, and the word is that failure to fill may cause the service district commission to be disbanded. Applicants must be registered voters with their main residence in Fawnskin.

If you are interested in serving, call the county supervisors office at (909)387-3841 or download a copy of the application .

Wild Animal Woes
Locals are still talking about the bears and one of my favorite bloggers just posted a picture of his garage door–a bear was trying to get in to munch on garbage.

Speaking of wild animals eating scraps, some locals have decided to feed some of the local predators. Bad idea folks–stop it. In fact, the Department of Fish & Game has a whole campaign called “Keep Me Wild” since habituated animals usually end up penalized for your selfishness and/or stupidity.

Harsh? You bet. It usually ends up costing them their lives. I hate that animals die because someone decided to do something stupid.

In these parts, I have animals visit my place without feeding. Respect them and watch them but don’t feed them.

BTW Down in Joshua Tree enforcement has begun with some hefty fines and court appearances for such activities. I am heading down there again soon and should have the dirty details when I return.

Weather Woes
My wood guy failed to return my calls but I found another source. However, they aren’t likely to be getting over here before the storm that is predicated to hit later this week. Weather was the big topic at dinner tonight–it tends to be a hot topic around these parts.

I’ve turned the outside water on and off since the weather has gone from cold to hot to cold again. Usually at this time of year it is super cold. This kinda of makes you wonder about how the winter will play out this year.

We need to have our own weather pool–or perhaps we should start a meteorology institute?

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