Fawnskin’s Frog Girl

Above: Privacy issues prevented me from taking a more overt photo of the action–but two Sheriff cruisers in Fawnskin is big news!

So, GG sounds like a frog but at least I am not coughing my lungs out (only an occasional hack here and there).

Proud to say that I am able to actually move and do a little after a week of being in bed with whatever respiratory crap I picked up in the waiting room of the clinic during my scheduled appointment to see my new doctor.

Fortunately, this is only a temporary set back but I was going to take some time off and this was not my idea of how to do it!

Fawnskin Post Office
In my excitement about the arrival of my new computer, I forgot that today is Columbus Day and so the Fawnskin Post Office is closed.

However, there was a flurry of activity in the parking lot as two San Bernardino Deputy Sheriff’s were busy with some official business.

I’m off my game so I did not get the dirt. But two cruisers in town is BIG news so I snapped an action photo instead.

Janet is still taking orders for some yummy nuts as part of the fundraiser for the Big Bear American Association of University Women. I placed my order–prices are good and she has both raw and roasted selections. Give her a call at (909) 866-3414.

NSIA Monthly Potluck
Plan on arriving at 5:30pm at the Old Miller School House (located at 1178 Chickasaw Lane in Fawnskin) for the North Shore Improvement Association’s monthly potluck. Munching starts at 6:00pm.

Bring a dish, friend, neighbor, relative or guest and join the fun. Tonight the guest speaker is Robin Eliason, District Wildlife Biologist and Fawnskin resident.

Robin will be discussing the Black Bears in our area. Lots have been sighted lately so drop by to get the news.

For further information please call Chris (310) 880-3645.

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