Hammock Hot

So, I am still recovering. I managed to get over to Big Bear Lake and promptly discovered that I have very little stamina. Combined with my frog voice, it isn’t pretty. Plus, I am sick of eating soup.

Anyway, I decided it was hammock time. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that it was super hot! (Which is all relative to where you live. My intern said it was 100 at his place.) It has been about 80 degrees F on my deck the past couple of days. This is in stark contrast to the storm conditions of last week that left a dusting of snosw and made me cringe that I had not ordered in wood yet.

Due to summer fire conditions, I seldom order wood before mid-October. Last year was the first year I actually burned through all of mine since I first moved into the valley back in the late 1980s. Now I have to decide just who to order from because I am certainly not in any condition to head out into the woods to cut and haul as so many people are doing.

BTW thanks to those of you who took the time to deliver soup fixings and cough medicine, check and pick up my mail, and for hauling some wood down so I didn’t freeze during the storm. It is much appreciated.

Around town it has been busy with road work and tree clearing. CalTrans has been repairing the guard rails and there is construction across the valley which is closing lanes and causing some traffic delays.

On Brookside near Navajo, Andi has two antique beds out for anyone who desires to pick them up. I am surprised that nobody has done so yet as they are in great condition.

The NSIA potluck was cancelled at the last minute due to lack of heat and no rescheduling was announced. A lot of neighbors have been sighting bears and were looking forward to hearing from Robin about it.

This Saturday, October 15th  is the Friends of Fawnskin Walkathon, which I mentioned  in September.

Also taking place is a series of seminars related to fire, forest care, hazardous tree removal etc. Agencies such as the American Red Cross, Forest Care, United Policyholders and others are hosting seminars about their services from 10am until 2pm at the Performing Arts Center over in Big Bear Lake.

Finally, we apparently have our own food bank as I caught in this breaking news photo. The truth of the matter is that neighbors tend to share their bounty at a couple of spots around town such as the Moose Lodge and the Post Office.

My trees got hit with the freeze earlier this year, as did a whole lot of others around town, so I don’t anticipate having any pears or apples to share. However, many of the neighbors bring up citrus and share their harvest with other neighbors at our these unofficial pantry sites. I usually make those apple pies I bring to events from such generous donations.

Anyway, that is the round up for you this week. Send good healing thoughts. I was supposed to head down the hill Friday for another medical appointment but don’t think I am up to it yet.

This means that you’ll likely hear from me again with all the breaking news you can’t live without!


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