Sleeplessness, Weather, & Other Fawnskin Topics

So I had to take a jaunt down-the-hill today. Ugh.

I am not the only person not sleeping well here in Fawnskin but it is getting ridiculous. One of my neighbors suggested this herbal formula and so I tried it.

Sometimes it works but at other times it doesn’t.

Fortunately, after I woke up at 12:30am and found myself still wide awake at 3:00am, I decided to give it another try.

It worked, but then I didn’t want to get up to head down the mountain.

I seriously needed coffee, although I’ve not been drinking too much of the java since I got sick with that respiratory crap. My brain was not functioning very well as a result.

However, I made it down and back–and the good news is that I am looking forward to a good night of sleep.

That is the upside of when you can’t sleep, you get tired enough that you finally do.

However, it makes me wonder why so many locals are restless as well.


Now for the non-news around these parts.

Locally, the Sprint guys were snapping photos and meandering around the cell tower behind Fawnskin Realty.

Sprint is going to be upgrading the tower which makes GG happy since I selected them as my carrier.

Although Andy signed the paperwork, I have not had word as to just when T-Mobile was going to be activating their service on the tower.

We are so sophisticated over here to have our own tower that can support four carriers. Betcha Andy manages to get four–you know how he is–that wheeler-dealer.

CalTrans is at it again, fixing guard rails and doing work on the highway both above and below Running Springs–so expect delays. The good news is that the delays are not too long.

Now as you know, the weather is always up for speculation around these parts, and Ben and other weather sources predict that the temperatures will be dropping again beginning on Tuesday.

I already shut off the outdoor water and then turned it on again based on the up and down temperatures, but it will be interesting to see if it gets cold and then remains so.

Usually by this time of year I am layering but if you’ve seen me around town lately, you’ll notice I am still wearing t-shirts and shorts.

Of course I had to wear those nifty compression stockings last week, I feel like one of those eccentric ladies now.

Which, as everyone knows makes me fit right in this community.

Heh, heh, heh.

But things are going better and I am looking forward to being completely well again soon.

In fact, I got a Urban Rebounder in preparation for being able to begin to work out again. It was down at the Post Office for a whole week until I got someone to help me get it home. The sucker was heavy!

Around here I began nesting…doing silly things like cleaning the carpets, deep cleaning, and ordering that wood.

I tend to deep clean the house a couple of times a year.

You know, living in the mountains means dealing with a lot of dirt, pollen, and pine needles.

It also means dealing with things like fish on your deck…and so you have to clean up.

People are still shaking their heads and laughing over that one. You could say it was a fish tale but it really did happen!

If you have one of those stories, be sure to share it because sometimes truth is stranger than fiction–and we folks around here like it that way!


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