Bat in the Bathroom

So, it seems the animal kingdom misses me, or is trying to get my attention, and I have to say that it is working!

Not too long ago I shared my odd fish story, and now it seems I’ve gone batty and not in the way you might think!

I make it a regular practice to walk the property and check on the upstairs, which is usually not in use.

So, shortly after I had the chimneys cleaned I was upstairs when a bat suddenly appeared out of no where.

At first I thought it was a moth since insects often make their way into the dwelling but upon closer observation I realized it was a bat.

It appeared suddenly and flew around my head.

In the past, visitors have left the upstairs bathroom windows open unintentionally, so I thought perhaps this had happened again.


Then I pondered if the animal had come in through the chimney since the damper was stuck open according to the chimney sweeps–but the glass doors have been closed since the cleaning.

However, after I closed the bathroom door to confine the critter, I contemplated opening the window and removing the screen so he could escape.

Then I imagined catching him up in a towel to release him when he suddenly disappeared.

It was surreal, he just vanished into thin air!

Now, he had landed before and so I assumed he had roosted somewhere but upon closer inspection, he was gone.

This is puzzling because I did not see any openings and the door was closed. The screens on the windows were still in place and the windows were locked.

So, I am wondering if Mother Nature is trying to send me some animal messages.

First a fish is delivered by a hawk onto my deck, and then a bat circumnavigates around my head in the house and then simply disappears.

Anyway, I ask you–do you have any theories?

I am going on a house safari again today to make sure he did get out.

This week you might have noticed the work over near Fawnskin Realty and Seminole. The news is that the water department is putting in a new fire hydrant.

Unlike Arizona Pipeline and the gas company employees, the BBL employees were not super cooperative about posing for an action news photo.

Makes me wonder what they had to hide…

I guess I am spoiled by the service company workers usually around these parts.

Seriously, they all are congenial and good ambassadors for their parent companies.

So kudos to the ultra friendly staff of SW Gas, Arizona Pipeline, Charter, Verizon, Sprint, Big Bear Disposal and Bear Valley Electric–as for the Big Bear Lake Department of Water & Power–next time GG sees ’em I am gonna stick my tongue out and blow razzberries!

Well, maybe not, but you can be sure I will be thinking about it.

BTW You might remember my rant about FARTA but what you don’t know is that I wrote a two page letter of complaint that arrived there last week.

No, no, it wasn’t like the rant here but instead was a professional letter of complaint.

Today, GG got a call from the GM of MARTA and 45 minutes later was happy that the call was over.

It wore me out!

Hopefully, there will be some improvements. Word is that they have a consultant working on some recommendations and once that is presented, perhaps some changes will be funded.

Now, you know I always say, don’t hold your breath, but let’s hope some good changes will come down the road…in a timely manner!

Okay, so I know you want to know more about bats.

There are an estimated forty-seven species of bats found here in the United States.

You can find a nifty list of them with great photos online at the Bat Conservation website or check out the California mammal species list over at the American Society of Mammologists.

I wasn’t sure just what species this guy was so I am gonna do more digging.

Finally, a storm is rolling in this weekend but chances of precipitation have dropped.

Don’t forget that next week it is once again time for the NSIA monthly potluck–Thanksgiving style. You might want to venture out for that.

More on Monday…and happy 11-11-11 that must mean something!


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4 Responses to “Bat in the Bathroom

  • 1
    November 11th, 2011 07:08

    It is the Bears opinion that GG has bats in her belfry. Often suspected by those who love her

  • 2
    November 11th, 2011 08:49

    As for the bat, check behind your toilet tank, might be clinging to that. Hide and seek with a bat is no fun!

  • 3
    GG (Gossip Girl)
    November 12th, 2011 08:25

    Nope, I watched him land and then he was gone but thanks for the idea…sounds like you have experience! He first landed and clinged to the display rack and then decided the window valence was more to his liking. Haven’t seen him since but doing the search again for a few days in case he is trapped.

  • 4
    GG (Gossip Girl)
    November 12th, 2011 08:25

    LOL you are too funny…and clever!