Notorious Fearless Frankie Released from Jail

fawnskin's fearless frankie

Fearless Frankie has been released from jail–much to his relief. This dog of Fawnskin followed a family member down to Captain John’s Marina and was lured by biscuit into the dog catcher’s truck despite the fact that the family member was present.

GG isn’t sure just why the humane officer failed to hand over the canine culprit to the teen but this latest escapade landed Frankie in the brig overnight and cost his owner a lot of moola to spring him out. Despite his fearless moniker, the terrier was not very happy about this latest experience.

Quite frankly, there are a lot of other misbehaved, menacing dogs in the valley that are meandering without any family members present. I’ve been seeing the animal control truck on patrol around the valley more often than usual and hope that they begin to focus on the toothed terrors instead of terrifying our local terriers.

Winter Weather
So, it looks like a good winter storm has arrived. Although we have already had one small early storm, speculation is that this storm is going to dump some snow and plummet temperatures.

GG is not too happy about this since she is waiting on both the wood guy to deliver and the chimney sweep. Since the rule of thumb is to not use the fireplace 24 hours prior to the chimney sweep service, I headed out with Snoop Sister Deb early this am.

So, I am sitting next to the roaring fireplace over at Starbucks as I pen this exciting, breaking news action report.

Depending on what part of the valley you reside in, the weather could be clear and cold, wet, foggy, or windy and snowing. We hit all of the weather options on our way in.

You just gotta love weather diversity!

Snow resort employees tell me they have a meeting on Saturday but all resorts have been getting ready to open and are likely to be operational and open to the public in the near future.

Best Real Estate Website
Not too long ago I met Will Rahill of the Rahill Real Estate Group for the first time. Now you know I am about everything Internet and was happy to hear that he was awarded a gold award for his website. You can read about the award for the best real estate website now.

Rumor Mill Wrong
At a recent event I was asked if the Fawn Lodge had been sold or was in negotiations to be sold to a local Native American organization. So, I emailed the owner for the real dirt.

Alas, just another rumor but she would love that type of interest. If you hear any rumors about the Fawn Lodge, just post a comment and I can clear ’em up for you right away.

That’s it for me today. Enjoy the winter weather!

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2 Responses to “Notorious Fearless Frankie Released from Jail

  • 1
    November 4th, 2011 11:44

    Our bread driver has been requested to make a delivery next Friday, to Snow Summit. Hmmmmmmmm perhaps there is a thought of opening NEXT weekend.

  • 2
    GG (Gossip Girl)
    November 6th, 2011 13:08

    Speculation is a way of life around here but if the temperatures remain cold it might be a possibility.