Who needs a gym?

Fawnskin wood stacking

GG has been at it again–moving wood. Seems to be my new hobby…

Now although there is something therapeutic about hauling and stacking wood, the truth is, it is downright tiring.

Who needs a gym membership when you can haul wood and tromp up and down vast numbers of stairs?

When you add clearing away pine needles, then shoveling show off decks, stairs, and parking areas–well, all us Fawnskin Folks should be in shape.

The reality is that I am downright tired!

But it is that good tired that comes from excessive muscle use and fatigue from exertion.

GG is happy to be able to do it because it means I am continuing to get better and so can look forward to getting all strong and fit again soon.

I was also able to get out hiking with a neighbor and her dog. We used to do that every day before I began suffering from that unknown malady that my new doctor seems to have helped me thwart…this Thanksgiving was a good one–lots to be thankful for.

My father was in ICU for several days beginning Thanksgiving night but is now back at home. They still don’t know what caused the excessive blood loss but he is doing well and life is good.

As for me, I am slowly but surely I am building back up my stamina. Yes, it is tough but I look forward to finally being back to being my more energetic self in the future.

Now, I absolutely promised a few folks that I would post some of the Thanksgiving recipes here on the Fawnskin Flyer–but it is going to be a week or so before I get to it.

You see, GG is flying the coop and taking some down time.

I know you will miss me but a gal has got to do what she must.

However, I have some nifty videos scheduled for your amusement and so you don’t miss me too darn much!

See you online again next week.



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