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So, it is still a bit slow around these parts.

Post Master Mike had the sniffles on Monday but then he also road his bike into work.


So, someone asked me if I have seen any eagles but I honestly have not been looking!

But you might like to know that I have a hawk that resides on my deck and I often surprise him as I come down the stairs.

Seriously, he sits on the railing and gazes over Grout Bay–which confirms that I do have a great lookout point.

When I startle him, he flies up into a nearby tree–and it happens at least once a week.

It may be the one that was so enamored with me that he dropped a trout on my deck as I was lounging in my hammock.

That’s the way to impress a gal. Yes sir-ee.

Now in case you were wondering, and GG is sure you are…back in December, the annual eagle census came back with a report of 9 eagles.

These birds of prey arrive annually as early as November but the numbers tend to peak in January and February.

Then by April most have left the area. This is the reason the public areas are closed off and you have those nice “Keep Out” signs everywhere.

Even so, people ignore them.

But I digress…as luck would have it, if you are wondering about the eagles, you can volunteer for the next count which is coming up this weekend.

Bald Eagle Census
Saturday, January 14th will be the second bald eagle count–and there will be two additional counts on February 11th and then on March 10th. GG suggests all enthusiasts put those dates in your calendar NOW.

If you would like to volunteer, meet at the Big Bear Discovery Center here in Fawnskin at 8:00am on Saturday, January 14th.

The good news is that you don’t need experience to help out.

However you do need to bring binoculars, a watch (or timer), and dress appropriately for winter so you keep warm.

Contact Robin Eliason at (909)382-2832 or for more information.

Highway 18 Maintenance & Repairs
This week highway repairs and maintenance is again on the agenda–something you probably noticed if you commute.

The work is scheduled to continue through Thursday, January 12th from 8:00am until 2:00pm and click here for commuter alerts.

This & That
GG the slacker SO forgot to tell you that she talked to a few business people on the other side of the lake.

It seems the quilt shop will moving up on Village Drive and the old Mandoline Bistro is getting ready to open up sometime in February (if luck holds).

Now you might remember my review of the Tea Exchange sometime back and you’ll be excited to hear that they will be opening up in the old village Starbucks location.

I hope that satisfies your curiosity this week.

If not, pass some dirt news this way in the comments.

Until Friday, this is GG signing off…

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