Hawk Eye

Hawk Eye

GG keeps surprising a local hawk that has decided he likes my deck and needs to keep any eye on me.

Seriously, he is regularly perched on the railing, on the bird house, or in an adjacent tree after I startle him.

Nice to know that someone is looking out for me.

But really, I think he likes the perches here on the hill because of the amazing view of the lake and hillside.

This gives him the advantage of locating a tasty morsel or two and probably conserves energy in a downward swoop.

I like having him around because I love wildlife–but more on that later.

Now I bring up the hawk eye theme because Post Master Mike needs your help.

It seems that someone decided to have a bit of fun down in the lobby of the Post Office.

The display boxes were strewn all around the floor and also were pushed through the mail slots.

Although the lobby is locked between certain hours, locals do have extended access due to commuter schedules since they cannot access their mail except during times before and after normal operating hours when staff is on hand.

The suspicion is that young, bored individuals were the culprits but if you were witness to any activity at the Post Office before or after staff hours, please inform PM Mike.

He asks that we use our keen eyes for observation to prevent such happenings again.

On another tangent, did you know that Post Master Mike has been here over three years already?

Time sure does fly!

GG wishes you a great holiday weekend.

Although I anticipated being down in the desert, I’ll be hiding out here after all.

However, my neighbors are coming up so they might get me out for something or other.

Just a reminder that starting next week, the Fawnskin Flyer will be updated twice a week–Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Chat with you then!

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