Big Bear Snow Play

In Big Bear snow is expected this week–which is great news! If you are planning a trip, the ideal time to enjoy the slopes and surrounding amenities without a lot of competition is midweek, but if you can’t come up midweek don’t fret because you can still enjoy the great outdoors and all that the mountain lake resort has to offer.

Recently, I shared some tips to help you plan a Valentine’s Day Romance in Big Bear but there are many people that simply want to hit the slopes with friends or spend some time with the family in snow play–and I thought it was time to share some ideas to help you accomplish that task.

Snow play is an option throughout the winter whether or not there is fresh snow fall. This is because the local resorts have the technical savvy to make snow when it is needed. So, you’ll never have to worry about being able to play in piles of the cold white stuff through the entire winter.

It is important for you to select legal areas to play. Blocking traffic, trespassing on private property or parking illegally on the side of the road will earn you some serious fines or an intimate experience with local law enforcement.

Big Bear Snow Play

The most popular snow play area is up on the old Rebel Ridge about midway through the valley. Big Bear Snow Play is a favorite since it not only gives you the longest snow runs but also provides you an easy lift back to the top!

If you’ve ever had to lug a tire tube, sled or toboggan back up the hill for another run–you’ll appreciate this. Also, this area is open from 10am until 4pm during winter months. This is great news since you don’t have to get up super early to arrive in time to enjoy your runs.

The spot also offers a covered ride up so you stay a bit drier and sheltered from the wind and weather. Best tip for fast arrival? Head up Highway 38 from Redlands or cut through the desert and up Highway 18 via Lucerne Valley.

Magic Mountain Alpine Slide

Magic Mountain Alpine Slide is popular with locals and visitors alike. This snow play areas gives you a bobsled experience option because it also has a slope style track that takes sliders through a series of high-banked turns.

The nice thing is that there is a food court with snacks, facilities and a few game options for those tired tykes while you wait for the more energetic ones to run out of steam.

You might like that young children ride for free (ages 2 to 6) on supervised rides with a paid adult. This facility also gives you a sheltered lift back up the slopes too.

This snow play area is on the west end of the valley so the best route is up Highway 330 to Highway 18. No need to beat the birds in the early am either since winter hours are 10am until 4pm.

Snow Play Prep

There are a few steps you can take to make your snow play experience a good one so GG thought she would share a few. The first is to make sure you layer up. A t-shirt, sweatshirt and jacket provide good insulation and can also be peeled down or padded up if the weather changes to keep everyone comfortable.

It is a good idea to bring extra cloths so kids can change into dry warm duds. Wearing snow specific outfits is the best strategy. Try your favorite favorite stores but the local community has places you can purchase them. Big Bear has many different snow sport shops and rental shops. There is a Kmart and even the local thrift shops have a few items for grabs.

Buy* or put these snow play items on your checklist:

Okay, so a few other tidbits that might be useful to mountain lake resort visitors? In the high altitude you may experience shortness of breath due to the difference in oxygen content. Take frequent rests and make sure to drink more water than normal.

Read about preventing high altitude sickness.

Of course, GG has written some useful articles to help you manage driving in snow conditions too.

Finally, for current road conditions you can check some of the resources in the articles listed above or call (800) 427-ROAD (7623).

I’ll be back with Talk of the Town on Thursday…

GG wishes visitors a great trip up and if you have any other visitor topics you’d like to see me tackle, leave a comment below.

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