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The Tea Exchange | Big Bear

So the birds have been singing up a storm–which usually happens when spring has arrived but since we are still in February, it makes me wonder if we will actually experience an early spring.

Truth be told, many locals are enjoying the lack of snow and ice and GG is so confused since sometimes two layers isn’t enough but the clear roads and terrain makes me forget that winter isn’t really over yet.

This week it looked like there was some filming taking place over on North Shore Drive but when I called the Inland Empire Film Commission they told me that no permits were pulled and they were sending someone out to check.

Now, any good production company worth their salt will pay the $350 for the permit and have insurance to cover anything that might happen on the property. What I discovered is that if you allow filming and fail to have such a permit, that any damages usually won’t be covered by the insurance.

What I didn’t know is that many small production companies form and then fold after the project is done so there isn’t an avenue to pursue if you don’t make sure they have all their ducks in a row.

In local news, I also learned that Jordan Romero will be featured on Russian TV. It seems that they will be in the United States for the Oscars and have scheduled some filming of Jordan. As his Uncle says, “That kid is a rock star.”

Okay, so remember I said that I thought I had forgotten to mention something? Yes, yes, it is true–I did. You may have noticed the nifty Blue Plate Special sign next to the North Shore Tavern. Personally, it made me cringe but if you are looking for a bargain the sign has a few to entice people inside.

North Shore Tavern | Fawnskin

My neighbors were up and I had a blast visiting with them. They got to enjoy both sunny skies and snowfall on an extended R&R escape but I still haven’t seen my neighbor Steve…so keep wondering if I missed him since he said he was coming up.

Across town changes are happening…Rant & Rave will be closing the doors at its current location in the Moonridge Triangle but I don’t have any details yet except to say that if you are seeking some great deals, Sally is likely to have quite a few.

Hudson Trading Company | Big Bear

Over on Big Bear Boulevard near Conklin, the Hudson Trading Company has opened. They have a unique business model that includes consignment, thrift and credit for trade. I saw an interesting vintage washer and dryer along with a few other items so drop on by and check it out.

The Tea Exchange | Big Bear

The Tea Exchange is actually up and running but Ginny & Harvey are working at training their Big Bear tea team. We stopped by the other day to peruse the location and enjoy the amazing brew. If you missed my reporting on them previously, you can find out more at my post about The Tea Exchange in Lake Arrowhead.

Word on the street is that they will include Wi-Fi and you’ll find tea, gelato, crepes and assorted goodies along with some very nice gift items. The place is shaping up and I am sure this is going to be a new local favorite for those who do not drink coffee.

The Tea Exchange | Big Bear

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