New Bank, Road Work, ETC

North Shore Road Work

Road work has been happening on the North Shore and locals are speculating just what it means.

A few people have felt that it is a bit stupid to be doing road work during the winter–but GG thinks this weather means a short window of opportunity has opened and that taking advantage of it might be a good thing.

However, the birds this morning were singing like it was spring so it has this girl worried about winter. I also can see dirt up on the slopes so you all better start doing those snow dances with fury.

As usual, there is a lot of speculation about the patching since nothing much is going on. One neighbor is betting that this is in prep for the next Amgen event scheduled to take place here in May.

Now this is a good time to mention that Fawnskin totally got passed over for any coverage the last time, and if the powers that be are promoting the entire valley, they’d best make sure it doesn’t happen again…but I am not holding my breath and you’d better not either!

The poor patching jobs have washed away or left large potholes in the roads. So GG hopes that this is indeed prep for a major paving project since our roads seriously need some help.

Now lots has been going on and I am likely to forget something or other.

If you’ve been to Interlaken lately you’ll have noticed work going on next to Starbucks. After years of being empty, the word is that US Bank is moving into the space.

I surely hope they stick around since banking institutions seem to have more of a revolving door history around these parts. One of the reasons locals tend to support the local banks is that they remain here.

I’ve had accounts with Wells Fargo, Chase, BofA and others…but am happy doing business with the more localized branches when I can.

Of course, if you travel–life is easier sometimes with a national chain.

Truth be told, the only reason I still have my BofA account (established here in the valley 20+ years ago) is that travel nationally and internationally was easier having that account.

Yes, yes…I haven’t traveled in a while BUT I just got invited to Thailand and if a miracle  (to the tune of $1500) happens to come along so I can go, I’ll report back about the banking options and cell phone coverage since I know you will want to know all about it.

Let’s see…I know I am forgetting a few things.

This week GG actually got out after dark to attend the Big Bear Business Bunch. It was fun to see some old acquaintances at “The Hook” (Captain’s Anchorage) and meet some other business people I didn’t know.

Seminole Sales

Down on Seminole some new construction is being mapped out much to GG’s chagrin. I hate having to endure the loud noise, bad music, and disruption caused by such work.

I also think it is a shame that so much new construction continues when so many homes are empty or up for sale. In fact, surrounding the property are at least five properties that are up for sale.

One of the reasons people visit this area is for the environment and I find it odd that people build such monstrous homes and then seldom use them.

Big Bear Village Construction

GG has been getting out of the house–it has been noticed around town so much that people are making a fuss over it.

Over at Captain’s Anchorage, the first exclamation was, “Oh my God, you are out at night!”

Eesh, this gal has to start doing more.

Anyway, because I am out a lot more these days, I spied some new construction over in the village in the Bartlett Parking lot. But, rather than tell you what is going on…how about you tell us in the comments?

See you again on Tuesday.

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