Can’t See Jack & More!

Eaglet Jack Weathered the Storm

Jack weathered the storm and was back to his antics in full view on Monday.

So, GG couldn’t see Jack on Friday…nor the rest of the weekend due to the thick fog/cloud cover and then those darn ice pellets made me give up and head home–those suckers hurt!

Now, it wasn’t due to lack of motivation–because I was out there looking, at least until things got too uncomfortable.

But in the end, I hunkered down indoors and worked on getting my taxes in order since I have an appointment this week.

You’d think they would get easier as the years go by, but no–just seems to get more complicated and I have yet to figure out how to simplify.

However, stormy weather is great for making me do things I don’t want to do since I am not tempted to head outside.

Birds Weather the Storm!

But those darn birds showed up, peering through the window, getting up on the windowsill and staring pathetically at me from the bare Aspen.

Gosh darn those little suckers are smart. They know I feed them when it storms and the ground is covered with snow and ice.

My logic is that the storm prevents them from grabbing their normal fare–so I help them out.

So, yeah this little harda** is really a mush deep down but don’t tell anyone.

One little junco came right up on the sill when nobody else was looking and grabbed a big juicy spider.

He was pretty alert and didn’t miss anything going on around here.

Now the birds come in waves of different species, and although I enjoy the short spell of activity, the truth is that they make a big mess.

First, they toss the seeds and that attracts rodents, which then attracts snakes.

And don’t forget the massive amounts of poop…this gal is going to have to clear off the deck and railings when things warm up a bit since it is a mess around here!

Imagine just how much twenty pounds of food converts to…

In between taxes and watching the avian clans, I cooked up a storm (heh, heh) but the weather prevented anyone from coming over for corned beef and cabbage.

Then today I began delivering a hearty minestrone soup. I made a good batch and had a ton mostly because I followed a recipe and the result was way too much soup for me to eat on my own.

But really, I enjoy getting out to see neighbors and feeding them. Most don’t venture over because of the grotto stairs, so I make the best of it and take treats out to share.

Down at the Gold Pan on Saturday night, a dozen or so people showed up to honor the memory of Pat Algeo and I am glad.

Since the storm was too much for me to brave ambling down, I missed the event but am happy there was a fair turn out–and reports are that the food was gone lickety-split!

The snow level dropped down to about 1500 feet and since I had to spend the day down the hill on Monday, I got a first hand view and was stunned to see so much snow so far down the mountain.

Snow at Lower Elevations

Quite a few news vans were in the area and loads of people were exploring as well but by the time it was time to head back, all the main roads were clear–which is why it is great to live in this part of the nation.

Although some people complain, we can have the best of the four seasons and don’t have to endure some of the hardships faced by those in others areas that experience harder winters.

Bear Trail

Meanwhile, down the road, there was a bear that was getting into the garbage.

Just a reminder that if you can store your trash securely until trash day, it is a good idea and will help keep the critters out of trouble.

Okay, so I’m burning the midnight oil and have to hit the hay–but I’ll have more for you on Thursday.

BTW our own Neal Drake should show up in the paper tomorrow–Fawnskin is rocking it. He is also speaking at the Big Bear Business Bunch meeting tomorrow night–see you there!


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