Jacked Up

Grout Bay Construction

So, you could say things are jacked up around these parts.

Excitement overĀ Eaglet Jack is one thing and he looks more like an eagle these days.

Truth is, I’ll be out freezing my butt off this week helping record some of the Bald Eagle activity–but really, I can think of nothing better than spending my time watching “Eagle TV” as I’ve dubbed it.

What an awesome thing to be watching a historic event live every day. This weekend birders arrived to watch him and a photographer arrived from Ventura with a goal of snapping some great photos from our perch over at Dana Point Park.

In the meantime, construction is being allowed on Grout Bay when the area is closed as sensitive habitat.

In case you have not noticed, over on Seminole construction is underway despite that fact. It is lakefront property right on the lake adjacent to the closure area.

GG thinks it is also jacked up that San Bernardino enforcement still slacks when it comes to making people adhere to the rules around these parts.

Easements that are continually blocked and construction in sensitive wildlife areas seem to get no priority.

Which brings me to the construction that was happening over Moon Camp way–it has been temporarily halted after an astute local called in to report the violation.

You see around these parts such work on the lake or adjacent to eagle habitat should not happen until after the regular closure ceases in April.

For now, the closure is being enforced. However since it was extended into June this gal wonders what will pan out. Will the property on Seminole be forced to adhere to the same rules?

Those contractors certainly blare the radio to disturb the peace around these parts. Where in the heck are their iPods?

Grout Creek | Fawnskin

In other non-news, Grout Creek is running nicely. I half expected to see some trout splashing around–but not yet.

The snowstorm last weekend was of short duration but it still left us with some spectacular scenery and a nice deposit of that white stuff which is nice for the forest.

Now back to the important stuff–eagles.

Despite Jack’s big size, parental obligations kept the adults feeding and protecting our young feathered friend.

These birds are some seriously good parents. Makes GG proud.

Sandy Steers and I got to witness an amazing evening of activity–with pelican highlights during slower times and a brave gopher who just knew something wasn’t right.

The next morning, the two adults were side-by-side as Jack remained snuggled up in the nest.

He is really a pretty sensible sort–unlike some of us eagle watchers. He tends to be most active when it warms up!

Grout Bay | Fawnskin

It has certainly been stunning around these parts but I have to say that I mostly stayed hunkered down working Monday with a roaring fire going most of the day.

A quick jaunt to the post office was followed by shoveling since I expect a guest early and didn’t want any ice hazards.

The birds have been trying to boss me but they need to know it does no good–I only feed when the terrain is covered and it is snowing but they give it a good effort.

I see the ground already so they better get back to foraging.

And me, I better get back to work.

Have a great day and I hope to chat back at ‘cha on Thursday.

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