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So, GG’s been a hermit…again.

First, based on the arriving storm–GG knew it was imperative that she be in her hammock in the good weather.

I’ve got a nice farmer tan as a result but I just love that hammock.

Here in the Grotto a hammock is super important.

The birds above my head were making it known that they expected food if it did snow and so I had to fulfill that obligation.

Plus, I spent a lot of time outside clearing and prepping. I moved the makeshift birdbath by the antique feeder.

They like it and I like watching them having fun around it.

However, there has been no sign of the hawk in days and I am worried something happened to her.

News? I hear that we have a Bald Eagle chick here in the valley–if so, it is likely the first documented chick to be raised in the area. Of course, I heard it is in the Fawnskin area because only the discerning sophisticates live here.

During the storm I had a meeting here at the home office and made sure that I kept a roaring fire burning. The house was toasty but not too much so tonight so I better get on it.

After the storm, the sun came out as expected. So with my nice new sunglasses, I hiked down the hillside in shin deep snow on my walk to the Post Office–only to find that my package still had not arrived.

It has been days and days–and they lost the package according to their customer service–but I think they simply didn’t ship it!

Anyway, you lucked out with the breaking news slideshow because of that jaunt. Afterwards I took the time to shovel up to the road.

I was not happy that my last visitor created an ice mountain behind my truck blocking my pals from parking there and since I actually may have a buyer–I am likely to need an ice pick to break up the pile.

But this isn’t the first time someone said they were interested, and as I’ve said, I’ll believe it when the money is put in my little fist.

The good things this week? I didn’t just work, work, work!

Fortunately, local resident Karin kidnapped me for a movie.

After that I had an appointment that was good for my soul.

But then today it was catch up with lots of technical glitches.

My confession? This gal needs to come up for air and get outside because I didn’t step a foot out today at all–which is abnormal.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, nothing has been happening which is why I am rambling.

The highway construction was postponed due to the storm and no word yet as to when it will resume.

The Chamber of Commerce in Big Bear is getting close to announcing the new selection for Director but the recent event was a great success despite people muttering about so-and-so and the likelihood he won’t be allowed to attend next year despite the wad of cash he spent.

Seriously? I am not the only one who needs to get outside and smell the pine trees!

At any rate, have a great weekend and I’ll be back Tuesday. If you want to help a gal out, leave some dirt news in the comments.

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