You Don’t Know Jack!

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So, the rumors are true, GG has been taken captive by a bald eaglet and has been spending countless hours watching the nest, wringing her hands if the eaglet hasn’t been seen, and moving back and forth on the deck for better views until she finally relents to the call of nature–and hikes down to the public vantage point for a different view and the use of other scopes.

The eaglet is called Jack by the humans around these parts, but the truth is, it could be Jackie for all anyone knows.

And, as a visitor shared loudly the other day–“We don’t know Jack since nobody has been near it. Plus, it could be a female for all anyone knows.

Uh, yeah and I bet the eagles weren’t even consulted about the naming either–in fact, I doubt that they were even invited to the naming ceremony!

Meanwhile, back on the deck…

GG woke up early and worried over baby Jack since hearing about the selfish, so-and-so photographer who intentionally broke the forest closure boundary to get closer to the nesting pair of bald eagles.

The person was previously informed by a local that the area was off limits but chose to ignore the warning and tromped past the closure postings to get closer.

Baaaaadddddd boy.

Fortunately, the astute local alerted authorities and two Forest Service employees were dispatched.

After locating his vehicle, they followed his tracks around the signs and fences and discovered him within 1,000 feet of the nest.

His reason for violating the closure and endangering the eaglet?

To take photographs.

The man was escorted out, ticketed and fined…none of us think the fine would have been large enough.

How about jail time?

How about deleting any photos he had taken?

Bald eagles are especially sensitive to human disturbances during breeding season, incubation and nesting periods where young are being raised.

Selfish acts such as this can endanger the chick and are not appreciated.

The guy is lucky that no Fawnskin Folks were around since the first thing the neighbors murmured was how he should have been shot–GG thinks tar and feathers would have been more appropriate.

Thick, scalding tar and neon feathers…

Residents are asked to keep a look out for any other rogue and senseless visitors and to report it right away.

You can alert the Discovery Center (909) 382-2789 if you see any suspicious cars or activity.

GG has the forest dispatch number and thinks Post Master Mike should have it–what do you think?

Now there are others to call–so many agencies and so it isn’t as straight forward as you might think.

The bald eagle is protected by a few different pieces of legislation.

More on that later…

Someone go check on that eagle chick…I won’t be back until later. Don’t forget block, GG has a nice sunburn!


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4 Responses to “You Don’t Know Jack!

  • 1
    Shadow's mom
    March 14th, 2012 15:17

    Mike & I were at Dana Point park this morning watching Jack and then again in the early afternoon. One adult eagle was on the top of the tree that the nest was in. Later on, no adults were in the nest, but one adult high up on the tree line watching the nest.

  • 2
    GG (Gossip Girl)
    March 15th, 2012 19:49

    Nice, I’ve seen him mostly in the afternoons but was too late today–Sandy gave me the update. Glad you got to see him.

  • 3
    March 17th, 2012 16:15

    gg stay cool. jack will be gone in a week. . but he will be back. the area where he is now. will be his territory. keep the area cleen,no bug, .spraying. my wife.subscribes to birds and blooms nice article about hummers. i could navigate the world, .but my kings english is not up to par.birds and the wind are all thats .free. .wm. fitzwater

  • 4
    GG (Gossip Girl)
    March 20th, 2012 20:44