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Amgen Stage 6 in Fawnskin | (c) 2012 Rick Fromm

Instead of enjoying the frivolity in Fawnskin, GG was over at the main Amgen event in Big Bear Lake.

Why? I had a lapse of sanity and when my pal pleaded with me to assist the event office, I gave in.

So, I spent the day in the insanity instead of on my deck in a comfy chair with a nicer environment and the amenities of home.

Personally, I thought I’d have some time to spend with her but instead learned a lot about some of the guests and vendors.

My favorite? Strider Bikes.

The best marketing in the opinion of the crowd? Nissan

The worst? Spy Optic. Why? Because their young male rep told me that they needed strippers and more pretty girls at the event in response to my inquiry on how the event was for them as vendors.

Glad I was wearing my Native Eyewear.

Besides being in poor taste, the reality is that most of the crowd I was busy interviewing tended to be super sports fans made up of couples and families with kids.

Of course there were groups of younger adults but they were mixed and were there for the sports event not for strippers.

Anyway, GG tends to avoid crowds these days for a reason and I think that event will fill that quota of social interactions for the year.

Yard Sales in Fawnskin
It is hard to believe that we are already heading into the Memorial Day holiday. One of the neighbors on Mohawk cleaned up at their yard sale last weekend.

GG’s attempts at yard sales always seem to flop but I am thinking about it again. But, so far I am three for three when it comes to having snow or rain if I plan on one.

I have a great parking pad so if any of you want to join the fun perhaps we should have a community sale?

The Reid & Shaya Davis Wedding
So, GG promised you some photos of the recent wedding that too Postmaster Mike out of Fawnskin and down into the big city of Anaheim.

Although the event was tiring, it was a great, happy celebration. Deena and Mike spent a couple of days recovering and Mike graciously shared these photos so you could see too.

Clean Up
This just in…mark your calendar for June 2, 2012 from 8:00am until Noon. Meet at Dana Point Park.

Clean Up Day Fawnskin

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