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Eric BVES in Fawnskin

Okay, so this week I am doing the TOT on Tuesday instead of Thursday–mainly because there is a lot of info to get to you and then simply because I can do what I want–which is one of the benefits of being editor-in-chief!

Eric of Bear Valley Electric gave me the scoop on the happenings around town.

New electrical poles are going in and work will continue in Fawnskin until the end of May which is why the North Shore delays have been making locals grumpy but at least the flagging crews are polite.

GG especially likes when they smile and wave.

What you need to know is that an interruption of electric service scheduled to take place this Wednesday, May 16, 2012 from 9:00am until 2:00pm on Garden Place, Brookside Lane and Lodge. Homes closest to the junction will be affected.

BVES Work in Fawnskin

Neighbors in those areas should have received red notices alerting you to the outage.

GG had her computer blown up a few years back when a electric pole was moved and no alerts were given.

So, you’ve been warned! Consider unplugging some of your more delicate electronics–just in case.

Eric was nice enough to let me take the nice breaking news action photo while I delayed his task of delivering those notices.

You know how I get when I’ve been locked in the cabin too long!

New to the valley since January, he should check with some of the other utility workers around these parts about the perks of being cooperative with GG since a mention in the Fawnskin Flyer is usually good for some beer or something similar.

Plus, BVES now knows that he was on the job and doing a fine PR job for them putting up with talkin’ to GG.

He also mentioned that there will be no road blocks from them this Friday due to the Amgen Tour–nor will there be any road action from BVES on May 28th–being a holiday and all.

Thanks for being a good sport and humoring me Eric. (BTW you should read the Mountain Folk Dating Criteria if you are not hooked up already–fair warning.)

Jeep Jeep

So, Fawnskin Folks RD and Mike headed off on a jeep excursion to explore part of the Mormon Trail.

The duo took off on about a 12 day adventure into some pretty knarly country. Both survived just fine.

Of the nine jeeps that headed out for the extreme adventure, only five actually navigated through the roughest terrain to see how folks traveled in the olden days.

When you think about how they cut through the rock, tunneled and created pathways by hauling dirt and rocks–well, it is just pretty darn amazing.

Truth be told, we are all wimps in comparison.

Mike made it back just fine and I am hoping for some great action shots if I can get him to cough them up!

In the meantime, you can check out some of the interesting info on the Mormon Trail pioneers!

So another Mike, our Postmaster, and his wife made it back after heading down the hill to party it up during the marriage of their daughter.

Although he was a bit tuckered out after the event, he was back at work on Monday.

Sadly, he missed the weekend adventures that delayed the mail sorting but that is something he will just have to live with.

And yes, the Fawnskin Post Office still reeks of that nasty oil treatment that went up last week which should help keep the building in fair shape despite the snow, sleet and sun.

Lilacs in Fawnskin

Wind in the Willows

So this last weekend was a good example of spring pollination.

All the plants have been blooming and throwing out seeds or pollen–so if you have been sneezin’ that is the reason.

Don’t ‘cha love when GG tries poetry?

Never mind…

So, if you are not on the mountain at the moment, enjoy the snaps I took to show you all the nice scenery here in Fawnskin.

Lupine in Fawnskin

As for Jack, well GG misses him but is glad he is so busy that I haven’t been able to spot him.

I have however been watching an Osprey, Cooper’s hawk and assorted avian brethren in his absence.

But to tell you the truth…it ain’t the same!

I’ll be back on Thursday even though I have to travel down the hill, you’ll find something here.

Tulips in Fawnskin

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