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Fawnskin Folks have once again survived the Memorial Day weekend but many were suffering from seasonal allergies. Millions of people suffer from allergies and, just like tracking the weather, many look up the pollen count on a regular basis.

Around these parts we can both see and smell some of the culprits but a lot of people don’t understand why they react and others don’t.

Beats me, and although I have my theories, you can look that up yourself!

Basically, an allergic reaction gets triggered by microscopic, prickly intruders that enter the body. Mucous membrane cells attack and release chemicals, such as histamine, to get rid of the interlopers.

Reactions triggered by the body vary between individuals but allergy sufferers may experience watery eyes, sneezing, itching fatigue, headaches, congestion, swelling or have difficulty breathing.

Over the counter medications, or prescribed drugs, are designed to reduce the symptoms your body instigates. But rather than masking such problems, there are some other alternatives to naturally assist yourself.

In this series I’ll be sharing a few different options starting with a few common sense practices.

Allergy Reduction by Exterior Cleaning

Washing off surfaces outside the home can help a lot. My bird watching has made me diligent washing down the deck each morning and I’ve noticed a great difference between my responses and my neighbors. A quick wash down of your entry way can do a lot to keep allergens out. I tend to wash down the screens of windows and entry doors too.

Allergy Reduction by Interior Cleaning

Cleaning twice a year helps reduce those environmental irritants in your cabin or home. I like to start from the top and work down. Clear off fans, window & door frames, light fixtures and then hit surfaces. Blinds, shutters and curtains should be washed.

Many people use special filters in their vacuums to help reduce issues. This week a neighbor told me he was sneezing up a storm while cleaning up and discovered the bag wasn’t secure and so that was adding to the problem–change those bags more frequently this time of year.

Reduce Allergies with Personal Hygiene

As a general rule, I tend to use unscented everything since the body is bombarded by pollutants everywhere. However, a morning shower can help you get going and a quick rinse at night will remove any dander or pollen that is on your skin or in your hair.

Allergy Fighting Behavior Tips

  • Wear a hat and sunglasses as barriers to many irritants when you are out.
  • Take off shoes and leave them near the door or in the mudroom upon entry.
  • Window fans can pull pollen indoors so try and overhead fan and run a Hepa filter to help reduce indoor allergies.
  • If you drive, close the windows and turn on the air conditioner instead.
  • Head out early for walks and limit your time outdoors during the worst times of year. When I was able to amble long distances, I was always stunned to see how the sunlight acted as a trigger for pollen and seed release.

Neti Pot for Allergies

When my pal first gave me a Neti potneti pot for allergies as a holiday gag gift, I never knew how useful or helpful it could be. Just like the ocean helped me when I lived on the coast, the pot is used to simply rinse away allergens with saltwater.

Used for thousands of years in India, they look like Aladdin’s lamp. The concept is similar to using nasal spray since pollen grains get rinsed away. This means that using one helps reduce allergy symptoms and some forms of sinus congestion.

To flush sinuses, use between 1/4 to 1/2 of teaspoon of sea salt (noniodized) in 3/4 – 1 cup of warm water. Over a sink, cock your head to one side (forehead tilted lower than chin) and put the spout into one nostril while allowing the water to drain out the other nostril. Use about half of the solution, then repeat on the other side. Gently blow out each nostril to clear completely.

Neti potsneti pot for allergies can be found just about anywhere now but you can buy one online. I use mine when needed but if you have a lot of problems, use twice a day (am and pm) or after you come in from outdoor activities.

Okay, that is it for today but I’ll get into other allergy remedies in the next exciting installment.

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