Treasures in Joshua Tree & Yucca Valley

Route 62 Vintage Marketplace | Yucca Valley

It has been a while since I did GG’s Day Trip and since I headed down to Joshua Tree this week I thought it might be a nice little break.

Don’t worry, check out GG’s TOT tomorrow.

Joshua Tree is located in the high desert about 1.5 to 2.0 hours from Big Bear, CA and many locals head down to the desert to escape and enjoy and entirely different environment.

In fact, one of my neighbors was at the same spa both days that I was! I mentioned the location to him sometime back and he turned into a regular desert rat, especially when snow storms were predicted.

GG tends to like to go off season when the place is sparse due to the heat since being in the pools makes the heat bearable.

In case you have missed any former reviews you can find them in the archives:

This trip I was able to enjoy some of the eclectic businesses that seem to thrive in such places.

Route 62 Vintage Marketplace | Yucca Valley

My favorite finds this trip were the Art Queen in Joshua Tree and the Route 62 Vintage Marketplace in Yucca Valley.

Dawn Blevins Route 62 Marketplace

Dawn has created a magical treasure hunt that was a feast for our eyes because it is a aesthetically appealing combination of both vintage and artisan treasures creatively displayed in a cozy, enchanting setting.

Route 62 Vintage Marketplace | Yucca Valley

We spent quite some time taking in all the sights and meandering into each space. The marketplace is a mix of vendors similar to some of our antique malls here but sprinkled with unique art creations, great music, and enhanced with great display work & lighting.

Route 62 Vintage Marketplace | Yucca Valley

Exterior corridor at Route 62 Vintage Marketplace contained and assortment of goods including furniture, lamps, bird baths, decor and a whole lot more.

Route 62 Vintage Marketplace | Yucca Valley

Red is entranced by something while I am amused by the lamp. Many local artists seem to be turning trash into treasure out in the desert.

Masks | Route 62 Vintage Marketplace

Fine Route 62 Vintage Marketplace at 55635 29 Palms Hwy in Yucca Valley, CA and tell Dawn that GG sent you.

Art Queen | Shari Elf

Sometimes you have to have an adventure and honor the creativity and spunk of those who are following their passion.

So, after many trips and wondering just what the Art Queen had to offer–we finally stopped in.

Personally, I can’t believe we didn’t get one of the What Would Cher Do? T-shirts but I am sure we will be back to correct that error because it was fun and different.

World Famous Crochet Museum | Joshua Tree

I was most impressed by the World Famous Crochet Museum which made me laugh while I turned into a five-year-old right on the spot.

Crochet Museum at Art Queen | Joshua Tree

Once located in Kansas City, Missouri the new improved version is contained within a vintage Photo-Mat booth which has been transformed into the stunning museum in Joshua Tree, California.

Art Queen Hidden Entrance | Joshua Tree

The Art Queen entrance is hidden but if you watch for the sign…

Art Queen Sign | Joshua Tree

…you can find it easily. But we headed around the back, parked and ambled in through that entrance.

Art Queen Studio | Joshua Tree

The artist compound features a working studio, gallery, and performance stage.

Art Queen Performance Stage | Joshua Tree

We liked the stage…most everything in the artist compound is made of recycled goods and the location once operated as a motel.

Art Queen Gallery | Joshua Tree

The gallery was spacious and contained a few treasures since a lot of the work sells to visitors from all over–many remain anonymous.

Art Queen Gallery Piece | Joshua Tree

GG, cub reporter and all, found the original manifesto…

Steeped in American roadside tradition, ART QUEEN strives to bring genuine, pure, and powerful work to its community. Founders Shari Elf and Randy Polumbo, both artists themselves, believe in a fun, and inclusive atmosphere, celebrating thoughtful, inspiring, and accessible work, whether self taught, professionally trained, or serendipitously discovered genius.

Art Queen Studio | Joshua Tree

…and Shari hard at work.

She told us that they have been on the property for seven years now and her working studio has been active there for three years.

Find Art Queen at 61855 Highway 62 in Joshua Tree, California and don’t forget to tell her that GG sent you over to say hi to Bunny and all the creatures in the World Famous Crochet Museum!

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