Dog Friendly Chamber Mixer

For those of us who live in Fawnskin, we know who the real supervisors are around these parts and Bonnie, the furry force behind the North Shore Trading Company, was busy supervising or trying to retrieve some tasty tidbits from easy targets local business owners from around the valley.

Mostly she was well behaved but Jim insists that it was because she had her way with a few of the guests.

The Big Bear Chamber of Commerce Mixer held in Fawnskin this week was co-hosted by North Shore Trading Company and Prime Lending.

We appreciate when outsiders venture into town and believe that MARTA and other powers that be are short changing visitors by omitting Fawnskin from being in the loop.

But, a lot of folks around here think that is a good thing.

For those that are not familiar with the area, business functions tend to be enjoyable. Many munch a bunch while networking.

In my younger years, I managed networking groups around the South Bay (eleven or so) when they were just becoming the rage…sometime back in the 1980s.

GG has an interesting past but thinks it is good to keep people guessing and on their toes because people think they have figured everything out–and they have NO idea.

That’s what is fun about this place. You can be neighbors with someone and pals for ages…and then, WHAM–suddenly there is an amazing discovery about some fascinating tidbit about their past.

But I digress…

Anyway, the mixer was a casual affair but serious business was taking place.

I always smile remembering my first adventures with the Big Bear Chamber way back when.

Anyway, it was an intimate gathering because people hate to commute around these parts.

Which is funny to me since it is only a few short miles from “the big city” of Big Bear Lake.

Okay, so now that I reported on that news, I have to get to the real important stuff, you know, what is happening here on the party perch.

Believe it or not, I had a Bullock’s Oriole and a female Black-headed Grosbeak around this week.

My neighbors told me about the oriole sometime back but I thought perhaps they were mistaken.

However, they were right–I saw it today finally.

This weekend should be a busy one–if you missed what is going on read this.

Doo Dah…Doo Dah…

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