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Above: Hear the baby white-headed woodpecker & see baby flickers on the party perch!

GG has been up with the birds lately–mostly because of loud mouth baby birds!

You see, they haven’t quite mastered eating on their own and so spend a lot of energy screaming at their parents for food.

I especially love the white-headed woodpecker and he has just begun eating on his own–and darn! I ran out of suet.

I’ve had flicker triplets, several finches, black birds and assorted other visitors.

Snoop Sister Deb is going to be happy that her contribution to the party perch (a nifty hummingbird feeder) has finally become a favorite with those fast flying little birds.

The actually sit for a bit while they sip.

GG is a happy girl.

If you have not heard by now, burglaries are up all around the valley. The one security team I talked to said that it is really common to see crimes like that escalate when school gets out.

GG thinks that is a sad state of affairs but wants you to keep an eye out on the neighborhood you live in.

So far, Bruin Trial, Deer Trail, Iroquois and lower Flicker have been victimized.

Don’t hesitate to call the sheriff but you might also look around and remove any flags such as those darn Weekenders at unoccupied houses or notices from any contracted services or utility companies that might still be in place.

There’s Hope!
GG got to head into town to have breakfast with Hope and Nacho who made a quick trip up and made some time to munch a bunch in Fawnskin.

North Shore Tavern Breakfast

Our breakfasts were yummy–so there we were with Hope eating and then deciding there is hope!

Many locals are hesitant to frequent the place since it has been so hit and miss with hours and managers.

However, the karaoke tends to attract a good crowd so if you are looking for a short amble for food and fun–this might be it.

Bus Loads Fawnskin

Bus Loads 
GG has been seeing bus loads of folks coming and going around these parts and one morning watched about half a dozen head down the hill.

Who says nothing goes on around here?

You have to get out of town and hit the woods sometimes to see a lot of visitors!

Miscreants - Vandals

GG certainly was not amused at the spray painting going on around town in several spots. This one says, “Living in a Vacuum Sucks.”

Other stencils feature UFOs and someone must think it is amusing or I missed whatever event they were promoting.

A few years ago we had tagging problems in town and in the woods–stop ’em–will ya?!

Doo Dah
Don’t forget that the Doo Dah parade is coming up Saturday, July 28, 2012. Mark your calendars for 10:00am.

Applications this year can be obtained at Moose Lodge 2025 or you can call Wayne at (909) 556-1567.

NSIA is not having a float so if you want to create something for them, they will pay your entry fee.

Such a deal! Someone will pay you to be silly–so get going on it.

The Doo Dah Parade is part of Old Miners Days and this weekend is the kick-off dance and other activities. So click over to check out the schedule.

The annual Concert on the Green is scheduled for Sunday, August 5th, at 6:30pm. Fawnskin Folks Nancy Walker, Duke Michaels and Peggy Baldwin will be singing, playing and telling historic tales about Big Bear Valley, as well as sharing antecdotes of famous cowgirls.

As always, plan on a silent and live auction, wine & champagne. Tickets are $30. Call the Inn at Fawnskin for tickets or for more information at (909) 866-3200.

Cowgirlography Fawnskin Folks


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    July 14th, 2012 17:35

    gg thanks for the update, wood peckers. when you get more. time get. more pictures of the birds. they will be rare in the near future. if the large wind turbines ever get in staled in the desert, go solar its nonevasive. have you seen jack??? may the sun light your path, in your quest for happiness.