Bearable in Fawnskin

The unseasonably hot weather and humidity has been a bear but to most flatlanders, it is a wonderful relief from the heat down the hill.

Speaking of bearable, GG had a bear on deck last week. It was one of the yearlings and I ran him (or her) off.

Smart-mouthed neighbors all asked, “What? You didn’t invite him in?

This can be taken two ways, everyone around here is a smarta** (which is more likely the case) or people have no idea how much trouble a bear can get into if he or she becomes habituated.

I was glad to see that Fish & Game posted the ordinances and brochures down at the Post Office.

Unlike some areas (such as Joshua Tree) that immediately go into enforcement, consider this a polite warning to those around town who are feeding wildlife–common knowledge to locals.

Fines are steep but violators could also serve jail time.

Case in point, down in Joshua Tree one community is chagrined over the citation of a neighbor who is feeding the birds and bunnies.

This elderly gentleman has been in court a couple of times and is on probation but there are more serious issues to be dealt with and the neighborhood is up in arms.

As for the party perch, the bear didn’t get anything to make it return and you should scare these yearlings off too if they amble into your property.

Art on the Lake
Above: Aftermath of Thundershowers During Art on the Lake

Art on the Lake

Art on the Lake is one of my favorite events since I appreciate other artisans and love to see their work.

But this year it could have been called, Art IN the lake since torrential downpour and lack of preparation for it resulted in flooding and a mini disaster.

One local artist told me she got there just in time to see the carnage and was saddened by it.

GG fortunately had gone early, took and umbrella and wore shoes appropriate for the predictable afternoon thundershowers, aka torrential downpour.

Just why vendors were set up in areas known to flood and just why drainage preparations had not been made to mitigate the issue is not clear.

There was a lot of room in the tent and in upper portions of the outdoor viewing area outside the entry that were more flood proof regions.

Anyway, it saddens me to say that it gets more dismal every year.

Lack of promotion (or even cross promotion between major events), failure to provide ambiance (live music, highlighted talks or demos by artists, etc) has made it more paltry by the year.

I think it should be a destination event but you know me, bossy and all.

If only I were queen.

The other tragedy is that cultural goodies up here tend to not get enough support. So, I do want to share a few of the great finds I discovered while there.

Go buy holiday gifts for your friends.

Shell Bell Designs | Art on the Lake

 Above: Shell Bell Designs of San Marcos

Shell Bell Designs had a beautiful set up with a nice large umbrella to shade potential clients as well.

Her silver work was perky and stunning.

Shelly handcrafts her work and blends texture and style to make some amazing creations.

Pop over to her website and she will be exhibiting in Leucadia next weekend if you are so inclined to make a trip to the coast.

Dianne's Desert Silks | Art on the Lake
Above: Dianne’s Desert Silks

Australian artist, Dianne Hoft was unfortunately in the flood zone but I did get to watch her do a demonstration as well as get a gander at some of her hand-painted silk creations.

This wearable art also provides a bit of color therapy. She has an interesting background and does a regular residency in her country of origin.

Please go visit her site as well.

Celtic Art Therapy | Art on the Lake
Above: Celtic Art Therapy by Raven’s Daughter Designs

Celtic artist, Anne Ravensdaughter (Erin Hunt Rado) was a hit with the kids and I actually used the torrential downpour as the opportunity to chat with the artists, landing in her booth during the worst of it.

Anne specializes in a newer form of Celtic art that focuses on the overall pathway of the intertwining knot and can be used therapeutically.

Both kids and adults love it and she is on a mission to share the benefits, speaking at different events and doing a variety of appearances in different venues.

Other favorites were local PC Creations, Kreative Kaos, Chers Creations, and the regular attendee, potter Mary Swann whose dishes needs to fill GG’s shelves sometime soon.

You can get me a gift certificate at any of these…subtle hint.

I’ll be back with the TOT on Thursday, chat with you then!

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