Fabulous Fawnskin

Pirate Ship Fawnskin

So, it is cool and night but it has warmed up again and the surroundings are a showcase of vivid colors and unique discoveries.

Last weekend I had company and so got out and about. It took a bit of recovery from so much socializing but GG is up and at it again.

Kaye resurfaced along with Sheila and so life is good in Fawnskin. Everyone is comforted over knowing all is well.

Across the street my neighbors did a clear out, funny to see a lot of “Free Stuff” and “For Sale” signs around these parts but that is just one of the charming things about living here.

For Sale in Fawnskin

One of the charming things around these parts is that you never know what you are going to come across or stumble upon.

The yearling bears are keeping people on their toes and now that the trees are dropping fruit, I am guessing they will be raiding the fruit trees next.

Highway Through Fawnskin

The highway re-pavement project is done and those workers sure get the superstar awards for getting down to business and leaving us with a very smooth highway.

This was definitely over due and locals are mulling over how they wish it had been done in the spring because the winter tire chains and traffic are likely to chew it up quickly.

GG thinks everyone should just get out and enjoy it while it lasts!

Big Bear Regatta

The Big Bear Regatta was fabulous to observe from the shore. Lots of people were out on the shoreline enjoying the great weather and spectacular clouds.

Chrystel & Phil Worsman

My high school pal and I ventured over to the south shore for an amble through the village and were happy to meet up with Phil and Chrystel Worsman.

Coming to Big Bear from Paris, the two have a beautiful shop filled with treasures and another art studio next door for creatives to enjoy.

Dreamlight Designs

Dreamlight Designs and All About Arts is located in the newest cluster of shops on the west side of the Pine Knot (652 Pine Knot).

It was a feast for the senses and fun to chat for a short while. Drop by to see them and take advantage of their great pricing and unique gifts.

Be sure to tell them GG sent ‘cha!

All About Arts

Now, I have some spectacular views from my deck but my neighbor does as well and so we sat on the deck enjoying the view when we spied a Great Blue Heron doing the same. Look closely and you can see him on the chimney stack below.

Fawnskin View

I’ve noticed a lot of birds of prey in the area…including an Osprey.

Yep, fall is here and it will soon be time to really prep for it.

GG is enjoying the grotto and the party perch as much as she can because it won’t be long before we see the seasonal shift.


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