The Cougar & The Harvest

Mountain Lion - Cougar - Puma

If you remember, about a month ago I mentioned the cougar sightings happening around town.

However, I got a first hand report from Cari who lived up on Cedar Dell.

She and her dog were walking up Mohawk at dusk, on the way home after their jaunt.

Suddenly, her dog stopped cold. Since the dog had already done its business, Cari thought it was odd.

The dog did not make a peep (which GG knows is odd because she is a very vocal beast) but instead stood still and, as Cari raised her gaze up the road, she spied an adult cougar in all its glory gazing back at them.

He (or she) had used the wildlife corridor behind the homes on Cedar Dell nearest Brookside to drop down from the forest and was crossing the road to cut over to Crags.

In catlike annoyance, the large cat thrashed its tail.

Cari and her dog sensibly stood stood still, which is a good idea in such cases, and let the animal continue walking through its territory undisturbed.

Did you read my mountain lion safety tips? Better review them now.

Although she was a bit afraid, she was sensible and kept her wits about her. As a long time resident of the mountains, she understands and respects that the wildlife was here before us and that we are in their territory.

As a take away from this story, remember that wildlife is most active at dawn or dusk (crepuscular activity) and during the night hours.

Locals have been reporting a higher than normal level of sightings of wildlife including bobcats, bears, coyotes and predatory birds.

To avoid issues, adapt your schedule so you are less likely to run into the larger predators, review living with wildlife and safety tips, and carry pepper spray as a backup.

Personally, the reason I carry pepper spray now is because of the three incidents here caused by contractors here who are violating the leash laws and who do not usually have permission from the property owners to have their dogs on the premises to begin with–not the wildlife.

Any encounters I have experiences have been quick stops where we gaze at each other and then continue on our way. Of course, I let them move on first.

Harvest Time
Meanwhile, here on the party perch–it has been harvest time. The pear tree has tossed her bounty all over the ground and the birds, bees (yes, lots of bees) and I have been enjoying the tasty treats.

My neighbors and the monks have been as well.

Although I only received two apples from my trees here, neighbors have been generously sharing and I am not the only one that was distributing them by leaving them for others at the Fawnskin Post Office or Moose Lodge 2085.

Fawnskin is good at sharing.

Speaking of Post Office, no word yet on what the final decision has been posted but it was pretty apparent at the meeting last week that the decision seemed to have already been made.

Anyway, because the apples all seem to ripen around the same time, please share a few recipes in the comments.

I am waiting on John Madden’s now famous apple crisp recipe but feel free to share yours below and watch for some options next week.

That’s it for now, I’ll be back Thursday with the TOT.

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