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Cookie Treats

Once again it is time for the holidays and, in typical Fawnskin tradition, this means that it is time to share the bounty.

Next week, November 19-21, 2012 (Monday-Wednesday) all residents are invited to “share a treat” with others down at the Fawnskin Post Office.

Cake, cookies, candies and any other treats you would like to share are welcome.

You can sign up at the Post Office if you want to commit, or you can just surprise Fawnskin Folks.

Hope to see you there.

Post Office Update 
Funny how you can’t get a straight answer on the matter BUT the latest news is that Ron Ward of the Big Bear City Post Office will be in charge of staffing the Post Office here in Fawnskin for 2013.

GG didn’t like hearing that bulk mailing options will likely no longer be available.

However, based on my poor experiences at the BBC-PO I am not happy about the news.

Fawnskin Folks are still hoping for the best but the only thing that is sure, is that change is happening.

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