C-c-c-old in Fawnskin

Coyotes in Fawnskin

So the weather has been unseasonably cold for Fawnskin and other parts of southern California.

My location tends to be a bit warmer and so it was -2 degrees yesterday but I managed to venture out on the deck for a little bit.

The birds have been miserable but I managed to watch four coyotes amble around on the ice of Grout Bay in the early am while the wind whiskered snow flurries over the iced surface.

At GG’s Grotto the wind blew the tiny ice and snow bits in swirls that resembled a cascade of silver glitter.

Many locals decided against going to the NSIA potluck last night since the weather conditions were so harsh.

Those that did show up enjoyed good food and camaraderie before heading home.

Sombat in the Snow

Today was the first day that I have ventured out since meeting Ajahn Sombat up top on Saturday.

I’ve been invited to Thailand but need to raise the funds in order to be able to go.

If you are on the email list you got a direct email with a link to the back story but you can also find one in the sidebar.

Feel free to share..

The upside is that it is summer over there.

As for here in Fawnskin, I believe Ajahn Sombat needs a heavier coat.

Fawnskin Neighbor's Cat

My cat friend Tickle has not come by to visit in over a week or so and GG is worried he met his demise.

However, another neighbor’s cat showed up and began meowing at me.

It looks like he just escaped being eaten from a predator.

Not sure if he was taken to the vet as it looks like he was shaved but a lot of hair was gone and clumped from blood.

Predators are just one reason that people should keep their pets as inside critters.

Cars, disease and other risks also pose dangers.

Fawnskin Post Master Mike

January 12, 2013 has come and gone and Post Master Mike is still at this post despite the meeting that said someone new would be working the shorter hours at our little postal center.

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