In the Dog House & Other Stuff

In the Dog House

One of the neighbors was in the dog house last week and that cause a flurry of excitement in the neighborhood.

Yes, it is true that the sheriff was called and inquiring minds were asking all about it.

GG has been busy at the Grotto and thinks you should go do a booking search if you are still curious about such things.

Speaking of dogs, GG thought it would be good to write about a few since I a Grumpy Girl at the moment.

It’s a long story but I seriously think people need more to do these days to keep them occupied and on their best behavior.

Trail Dog

So, I was happy to be able to enjoy a nice day on the trail with my dog pal, Bear.

Although it was cold, the recent rain had washed away the snow and ice build up on the trails and it was good to go out in the woods for a slow amble.

Dogs are great at highlighting what is important.

For instance, making a huge fuss over someone is important.

It doesn’t no matter how long you have or have not seen them.

It could be five minutes, or 500 days, but it is a very wonderful habit that is good for the heart.

Then there is the activity of making snow angels.

Dogs are not really good at making snow angels if the truth was being told.

But what IS important is the happiness of rolling in the snow and being super silly.

Bear loves rolling in the snow and I should have shot video of his antics but I was having so much fun watching him, and giggling over it, that I only managed to get one snap…and it wasn’t my best.

However, the memory makes me grin–even now.

Snow Dog Angels

The other example in this activity is that he was whole heartedly invested in it.

And, as a result, he did a great job making doggie snow angels, which actually looked like a big mess of snow moved around.

But never mind that.

Dogs are also great at affection and Bear is a love bug.

GG can say that good puppy lovin’ is something everyone needs.

And so,

I need a home

I have a few gratuitous cute puppy snaps to share with you.

These pups are at a rescue in Joshua Tree where they were born after their rescuers found the mamma dog wandering alone in the desert.

Of all the snaps I got, these two were my favorites.

Now, I am not adopting any pets.

I have a deck full of birds and two cats that come calling on almost a daily basis.

But, some of you reading this might need a cute little puppy.

I need a home

In case you were not aware of it, puppies are so dang cute so that they can survive puppyhood.

They are a pain, lots of work, and can do a lot of damage.

Cuteness helps them to make it into adulthood.

“We are inherently attracted to a specific set of characteristics, including large, symmetrical heads, large eyes, small mouths and small noses,” according to Jeffrey Kurland at Penn State.

Now that is probably more than you wanted to know about cuteness for today but if you are wanting to adopt an animal, you can call Angela about the puppies at (909) 649-4520.

Angie said, to adopt must make a donation of at least $75 and sign spay neuter contract. Also need to submit an adoption application. Email [email protected]

As for all other matters, it did snow after all.

And yes, I am glad to have gone out in the woods before it did!

Until Thursday…

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