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There are a lot of people who love Fawnskin. Lately a lot more visitors have been venturing over to this side as friends pass the word that it is quieter, with lakeside views and a quaint little town.

GG has been stopped by many of them, or has come across them, as they are exploring the many different streets in their quest for sled areas.

Many have been renting some of the homes while others have been coming over for snow play.

Locals tend to be alert toward changes and strangers in the neighborhood.

New neighbor Andrew, who moved up here recently from the San Fernando Valley, was pleasantly surprised at the response to his presence.

I first glimpsed him today and wondered who he was–which I found out quickly.

It didn’t take long before I was introduced as he was engaged in conversation with another recent Fawnskin resident, who came here from Sedona.

My “short” trip to the Post Office this time was about forty minutes (or so) simply because I kept running into neighbors.

And, as everyone knows, we always tend to stop to chat for a few minutes or a few hours–as it often happens.

This is why we are loving Fawnskin…right?

Now I know I had some sort of news blips on the radar, but truth be told, it was a really long day and now I am working to remember–but not sure that I will.

On the south shore, Alaska Credit Union has announced that it will be moving to the new location inside Vons on February 11, 2013.

The upside is that they will operate six days a week with extended hours. The current staff will remain, except Madeleine who has relocated to Alaska!

North Shore Trading Company not only got a mention in the Grizzly but also went high tech with their Google Plus Local page virtual tour.

If you want to help celebrate their 10th anniversary–keep an eye open because they are holding specials all year long.

For the rest of January you can go in to get 20%-40% off all winter clothing.

You can also join their Facebook page for news if you haven’t already.

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