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NAMM 2013

So, this week has been nice out on the deck here at GG’s Grotto but some Fawnskin Folks actually head out of town now and again.

Which I think is a good thing because it keeps things in perspective.

Four Fawnskin Folks headed down to NAMM 2013 (National Association of Music Merchants) in Anaheim last weekend.

Copyright 2013 by Rick Fromm

Those folks were Jana, Dan, Rick and Charlene.

Even though this event is invitation only, it was packed.

Dan and Jana have a business that supplies specialty hardware to the industry and so had a booth at this event.

It isn’t the first time our town folk have been there but since it has been quiet around here, GG thought she would share some of the highlights with you.

Copyright 2013 by Rick Fromm

Although correspondent Rick has been slacking in his role for quite some time (through no fault of his own) he made up for it by taking hundreds of photos which he shared with me.

Plus, he sent out a plug for the Fawnskin Flyer.

What a guy, so GG still has him listed as unpaid and unofficial “staff.”

Truth be told, we’ve all been a bit scarce.

Maybe it is because none of us get paid and sometimes get more grief than it is worth.

However, the upside is that it keeps all of us busy and entertained in some sick way.

And then, people stop to say thanks or you get the inside scoop on some nifty happenings such as NAMM.

Copyright 2013 by Rick Fromm

So, our Fawnskin residents managed to meet and mingle with a variety of performers and invited a few to visit our little town should they be so inclined.

Just who did they meet?

The guys of Shinedown, who also happen to have a connection here already.

Then there were the Peterson Brothers.

But, correspondent Rick also had the pleasure of getting the scoop on the Presidential Inauguration directly from Stevie Wonder.

Copyright 2013 by Rick Fromm

All in all, it seemed like a good trip filled with fun and new discoveries.

Okay, enough about that.

GG knows you are just wondering what the big, breaking news is around town.

Hear those crickets?

They are not supposed to be so loud since it is winter and all.

Believe it or not, in the seven plus years I’ve been doing this gig, this is the loudest they have ever been.

BUT, at least I can rely on the Fawnskin Post Office for fill.

Fawnskin Post Office

Fawnskin Post Office

It seems like the Fawnskin Post Office is in the poor graces of the county.

PMR Jimi turned in his keys a little over a week ago and PM Mike will be working six days a week now.

But the big news is that they did not renew the contract for the sales equipment!

Have you noticed something missed from the counter?

No sales screen or big, bulky, antiquated equipment.

But isn’t some equipment better than none?

Now, the place is less cluttered but the receipts have to be hand calculated and entered manually into the computer system.

Still no word on when changes will occur.

As expected, the bid for the new personnel has not been finalized and so don’t expect different staff by the end of this month

Okay, no more TOT from me this week but I am sure there will be more to talk about next week.

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2 Responses to “NAMM & Fawnskin Folks | GG’s TOT

  • 1
    Robin Eliason
    February 8th, 2013 11:37

    Hi GG could you post that this: The Forest Service has cancelled tomorrow’s bald eagle count at Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead due to weather, road conditions, and the ongoing law enforcement activity.

    Our office is closed today so I’m trying to get the word out from home. Thanks!

  • 2
    GG (Gossip Girl)
    February 8th, 2013 13:26

    Sure thing…