New Year, Same Old Stories

Fawnskin Creations by Ange

So, I hope you had a good New Year’s eve and a great start to 2013.

Here at GG’s Grotto things have been “interesting.”

The weather has been cold and c-c-colder and I’ve been snuggled in mostly doing clean up of computer files etc., for a fresh start.

Company arrived again–school was out and six-year-old Ange spent some of her time creating a new book for me to read (although I can’t make sense of the text as it is too small to read–see above photo) and made sure I had a piece of pizza, a kiwi, orange, and plum for snacks.

Will he or won’t he stay or go?

Post Master Mike may need to have a party celebrating his new assignment or his continued stay here in Fawnskin but no word to whether or not that will happen.

Visitors were found on private property and playing in the snow in the forest this last week–and they really trashed things.

Visitor Trash Cleaned Up by PM Mike

So, if you were wondering why the Fawnskin Post Office had the trash out early, it was because PM Mike spent his own time cleaning it up.

GG is not happy about the word that our little Post Office will be under the jurisdiction of Big Bear City (they have serious customer service issues) and that the business revenue was sent over to Big Bear Lake…time to write to the congressional representative again.

Around town people have been nestled in with family and friends or traveling and so it is a bit slow.

GG also got invited to Thailand, this is about the sixth time.

I am thinking of setting up a fund so people can contribute so I can go.

Not only have the local monks asked me, but a monk and nun from Thailand invited me as well. And this latest request is from a friend that I hope I can join on her journey.

We’d be hosted by friends and temples in Thailand so it would be an amazing opportunity.

GG likes that she has been adopted by the Wat Dhammasujitto community. They are a good example of being inclusive and are always kind and inviting to all the neighbors.

Anyway, the relapse knocked me out for just under three months so I’d need help to go. Watch for the link.

In the meantime, I’ll be back Tuesday…at least that is the plan.

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