C-C-Cold in Fawnskin


Fawnskin was c-c-cold yesterday.

How cold was it?

So cold that it had GG wondering if she had lost her mind in deciding to walk down to the trusty, ol’ Fawnskin Post Office.

Post Master Mike was wearing two coats and most of the folks there were hoping to warm up inside.

No. Such. Luck.

When it gets to be so cold due to the wind chill and everything, use some common sense and bring your animals inside.

It is inhumane and irresponsible to leave animals out when it is freezing.

Back at GG’s Grotto, Tickle the cat showed up traumatized and suffering from exposure.

He was exhibiting an odd tick and wasn’t very responsive.


Quickly enlisting the help of some neighbors, he soon was cozily nestled in a make shift cat cave, where he felt safe enough to relax.

GG ended up getting the whole kitten kaboodle when it came to everything he needed.

It takes a village to help a critter left to fend outside on his own in negative and single digit, freezing temperatures.

His family left for a few days it seems.

He was exhibiting abnormal twitching behavior as he was stressed and cold.

Rescue Remedy, food, warmth in a secure location had him feeling safe enough to sleep–almost 24 hours straight.

He went out for a potty break twice.

Once I think he went home to check for activity, but finding it abandoned, was soon back here.

And yes, he was back to his bossy, feisty self.

He is, after all, a tom cat.

Even so, it seemed that in gratitude, he jumped onto GG’s lap during her coffee hour for a snuggle and snooze.

But, true to form, became pretty restless and went out looking for his boys.

GG was pacing back and forth with worry but he showed up a couple of hours later.

He seems to be back to his normal self and, although he seems to be toying with the idea of adopting GG, he isn’t her cat.


Most of the neighbors know that a lot of animals show up on the party perch.

Word is out that GG is a softy when it comes to animals–but don’t tell anyone.

If you lose your dog or cat, make sure to give a jingle as it might be over on the perch sitting in the sun with yours truly.

BTW Sampson, the min pin who was unfortunately struck by a car on North Shore Drive, is recovering from the ordeal and his head trauma.

A recent addition to the neighborhood, he escaped and ran out onto the highway.

Fortunately, he was rushed to the animal hospital by the people whose car struck him.

The quick action and efforts to help him seemed to be working in his favor.

It is great to see him steadily progressing after the incident.



The infamous parking pad angel struck again.

GG was disappointed the three day storm lasted one day, that is until she had to shovel her way up to the street.

Imagine her delight in discovering that the parking pad angel had visited.

If you don’t know who that is, look on the sidebar of the Fawnskin Flyer.

One of my pals thought the name of the service was “Parking Angel.”

GG thought that was funny, but it is none other than our local favorite snow plow operator, Bob Varga.

He and a few other Fawnskin Folks were busy, busy, busy after the snow.

They got a short break to catch up right before the forecast suddenly changed again and dumped another three inches.

Although it really isn’t spring, the snowfall is just like in the spring.

It melts quickly and the roads clear super fast which makes it easier for travel by car and by foot.


Now around town, things have been happening despite the cold weather.

Dale failed to call to alert me as promised, but it seems that there sale is pending on the ol’ Hogs Haven, which used to be a Pizza Place at one time.

The word is that a local purchased the refurbished establishment and plans to open an eatery of some sort.

Let’s hope it opens since downtown needs some revitalization.


Now GG was excited to see that the new bus stop was finished.

Why some folks decide to build after October always confuses me.

But, at least it is up. Did you know that for a long time GG was one of the only Fawnskin Folks to use the local transit?

Fortunately, this has changed.

But Fawnskin gets a raw deal when it comes to many different services or delivery.

At least we have SOME transit.

The off the mountain (OTM) route stops through on the way up and down the hill three times a day–usually.

You see, the last run can be the exception because they sometimes head to Boulder Bay unless someone is riding to Fawnskin or calls for pick up.

Sadly, Fawnskin does not rate to be on the regular transit loop.

As exciting as a new stop might be, GG was not very happy to see the berm blocking access to pedestrians, potential riders, and the MARTA!


The good news is that yesterday, the place had been cleaned up so that the bus could actually pull right up to the little stop.

GG was told by a MARTA insider that the fees for stops were way inflated.

No idea if it is true or not but thousands and thousands of dollars?

Whatever the truth, it was the NSIA that made sure we got the stop after years of effort–so kudos to them.

Seems a shame that the MARTA will only use that stop a few times a day.

Although dispatch will say otherwise, drivers prefer riders wait on the other side of the road when they are heading back up the hill to town.


Finally, everybody seems to be catin’ around.

On a walk with a neighbor the other day, we ran into this cat whose name (if I remember right) was Boots.

That cute little kitty came down to see us.

Now I have four cats to cuddle and make a fuss over.

This must be a record since I’ve lived around these parts.

The truth is that the predators tend to keep the loose domestic animal population down.

My hope is that all the kitties do well and get as much love as they need as well as a nice hearth to warm up.

Alright,  I think that is it for today but if I forgot anything, check back on Thursday for the TOT!

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