It Is Winter After All

Fawnskin Snow Cat

A whole lot of whining was going on around Fawnskin and other parts of the valley in anticipation of this recent snow storm.

GG found it a bit odd that everyone was seemed to be in a panic over it.

Seems that we’ve gotten a bit soft with all the spring weather and all.

When the red-winged blackbirds and starlings showed up a couple of weeks ago, I took it as a sign that we are going to have an early spring but that didn’t make me think we would not have more snow.

Over the years, most of the snowfall tends to be in February and March.

And, I hope it isn’t a pattern I had to deal with a few years ago when every time I made a medical appointment–it snowed.

In case you think I created the snow cat in the picture above, you are wrong. I discovered it along with a few other creations on my walk home from Andy and Rita’s.

But, I think it was in tribute to my cat pal whose family left him alone in the cold weather and snow.

The entire neighborhood has joined in the conspiracy to have me continue to take care of him.

I believe he is now a community cat these days since just about everyone has been sending over things for him.

More on that later…

Don’t Go Postal

Now I didn’t get to chat with Mike about this anniversary celebrations but I was a bit thrown when I met Pam instead of Kathy when I popped my head in on Saturday to say hello.

She was busy getting all the mail up and excited over being here and kept going on about how beautiful it was.

Yep, it sure is and I hope you all are enjoying it.

Hot Dogs in Fawnskin?

Hot Dog!

Downtown Fawnskin may be welcoming a new gourmet hot dog place with beer and wine if escrow closes as anticipated on the 27th.

Word has it that Fawnskin resident, Johnny Wilson has been excited about this for some time.

GG happened to corner Dale Wedge this week. You see, he needed a talkin’ to since he did not give me the scoop–and because I had him cornered, he gave me the tell all.

Anyway, the place was spruced up a while back, brought up to code, and put up for sale.

If you are fairly new around these parts, you might know the building as the Hog’s Haven that never actually opened.

For those residents who have been around a while longer, it was previously known as the ol’ pizza place.

Keep your eyes open and maybe he’ll have a party to celebrate the acquisition. (That’s a hint.)

Eagle Eyes

Locals have been excited by the bald eagle activity here in Fawnskin again.

Since I reported on the aerial courtship, locals have been watching the nest.

Although I have not seen the female in it, I’ve heard others say they have.

I am thinking it may be at a different nesting site but I’ll have to get back to you on that.

However, last week I saw three immature eagles in the sky and it looked like they were trying to sort out who was going to be taking up residence in the area.

Which brings me to admit that the Great Backyard Bird Count just took place but GG the slacker didn’t participate.

Every year it is interesting to see what birds are showing up where so go check it out.

Potato Caching Fawnskin

Potato Farmer

Have you wondered what Andy Campbell has been doing now that he has retired?

Wonder no more!

GG first reported on his adventures as a Fawnskin potato farmer and now he has been busy writing–about potatos.

His article, Potato Caching is up for sale and he has sold a few copies.

So, if you want to know the ins and outs of potato farming here in Fawnskin, you can go grab a copy for yourself!

Snowshoe the Bear

Once again it is time for Snowshoe the Bear. This makes it the 6th year and it takes place on Saturday, February 23, 2013 from 7:00am until 2:00pm.

Known as southern California’s most popular snowshoe event for the entire family, participants can choose a 5k or 10k course that starts in the Village of Big Bear Lake and then continues onto forestry trails.

For more information call (909) 224-9315 or register online now.

Lost Bus Fawnskin

Lost Bus?

GG has been up to strolling around town again, which is a good sign.

Imagine my surprise when, as I ambled up Chickasaw, the roar of large engines caught my attention.

I stepped off the road and was amused to see a couple of school buses.

Now, I naturally thought that they were perhaps training drivers, but as they passed, the kids aboard all enthusiastically waved at me.

Yes, lost buses in Fawnskin.

When they got to the stop sign at Mohawk, they just sat.

Sitting Buses Fawnskin

I used some nifty sign language I learned when I got certified for diesel truck driving way back when, and they turned on the blinkers and headed back toward the highway like I motioned.

My guess is that they were headed to Camp Whittle but aren’t you glad I captured this breaking news?

Alas, that it is for me today.

I am worn out but I’ll be back with the TOT on Thursday if I am not traveling down for medical stuff.

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