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Dorner Day

So, even on “Dorner Day” things were beautiful here in the Big Bear Valley as you can see in my photo taken Thursday afternoon.

Despite what news crews were reporting, although the original location of the fugitive was in Big Bear, the stand off between law enforcement and Chris Dorner took place outside of our lake resort community as you can see here.

This is an ongoing issue with the media when incidents occur in the region and is sometimes devastating to local commerce.

A lack of mitigation strategies can harm normal business operations.

Pointing out how this kind of event is strange for our area, when murders and other crimes and rampant throughout surrounding areas, would be a good idea.

Since we seem to have a major news incident every few years, might be a useful strategy to develop a better media contingency plan.

Just sayin’.

The initial reports of two maids being tied up were wrong, it was a couple, the Reynolds, and soon after another local, Rick Heltebrake had his car taken from him by Dorner.

GG posted updates on the Fawnskin Flyer Facebook page but if you are not active there, you can drop over to view or click these links:

If you are not a television subscriber, you can also access live stream news at CBS or ABC.

No word as to if locals will be awarded the money offered for capture and conviction.

Post Office Update (Late Addition)

You might have met Kathy from Crestline today. PM Mike was working this am but he is off to celebrate his wedding anniversary! Congratulations, and no–I failed to ask how many years.

Pam will be filling in on Saturday as well.

No word yet on any changes but she is Postal Support Employee and likely to be seen here again in the future.

Valentines Day

Local love birds were off to Moose Lodge 2085 and another local restaurant to celebrate their love and enjoy the calm after the fugitive search and media frenzy that has been going on over the past week.

GG was actually on the South Shore most of the day.

After a nice walk and visit with neighbors, her valentine showed up.

Thanks to those of you who nudged the NSIA, they sent an email confirming my mailing address and hopefully I’ll remain in the loop.

Hope you all had a great Valentine’s celebration and I’ll be back at you next week.

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