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Fawnskin Snow Road

So, we had a little bit of snow and the snow plows focused on the highways so we didn’t get plowed out until today in most areas around Fawnskin.

Fawnskin Foot

Here at GG’s Grotto there was a good foot.

This meant that the birds were flocking to the deck and those that arrived early for spring, were a glad for the hors d’oeuvres here on the party perch.


However, in other locations it seemed as if there was more.

Fawnskin Sign

Even so, GG likes to get out and walk a bit but hates when drivers fail to understand that a little melt splashes slush all over pedestrians. AND, they fail to slow down despite icy conditions.

Snowy Fawnskin

My favorite sights tend to be when everything is blanketed with snow.

Snowy bus-stop-fawnskin (2)

Fawnskin is enchanting and quiet during and after a snowfall.

First Snow Pass

At least until the plows and snow blowers are fired up.


Although I was supposed to head down the hill today, I canceled because of the icy conditions and access to the new bus stop was compromised.


Bus Stop snow plowing during the winter is something that will need to be done as the berm and the deep snow make it inaccessible to both riders and the bus.

GG also discovered she is not fashionable at all since every other pedestrian was using a ski pole for balance.

Guess I am a slacker when it comes to fashion.

Hoping that you stay warm tonight–and I’ll be back next week.

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