Fawnskin Spring Meanderings

Grout Bay - Boat Docks Fawnskin

So, GG took an amble to the top of Fawnskin to check on the news from our local potato farmer and just to enjoy the nice weather.

If you look closely, you can see the first boat docks are now out in Grout Bay. As previously reported, Fawn Harbor & Captain John’s Marina is gearing up for the opening of the season, April 1st.

Now that needs a mention, since you know how GG just has to poke fun at a lot of things, and opening on April Fools Day is just too tempting.

But perhaps I shouldn’t go on about how cold the water is at the moment and how falling in could be downright deadly.

I’ve seen people out on the lake already so it should be a great season.

However, the last weather report I checked said that the temperatures would be dropping with some precipitation expected on Sunday and Monday.

But, the weather conditions here change on an hourly basis and are drastically different between each end of the valley. So, as I always say, we shall see.

Spring in Fawnskin

Around town, Fawnskin Folks are in spring mode. Garden preparation has begun, despite the fact that the cold temperatures drop into the 20-30s at night.

Here at GG’s Grotto the wind is c-c-cold but the sun is warm.

Across town, it varies from a cold breeze to really warm sunny areas–which means the sweatshirt or layers go on and come off pretty frequently.

Spring Blooms in Fawnskin

Weather differences around the valley mean some budding and flowers, while others have nothing.

My plants and trees have buds but they tend to pop up later than other places despite the sunny slope.

But, I sure enjoyed seeing some blooms toward the top of Fawnskin.

Assembly Member Tim Donnelly + Big Bear Chamber Director Rachel Wade

One of the reasons I’ve been a bit tardy with updates is that I am trending up and actually out and about more.

This means I am beginning to get back in the saddle on specific projects.

Last night found me that the Big Bear Chamber’s After Hours event.

A fortuitous excursion because when a nice man sat down beside me and gave me his card, it was none other than our California Assembly Member, Tim Donnelly.

GG took this snap of him with Big Bear Chamber Director, Rachel Wade whose 1st year anniversary with the chamber happened to be the same day as the event.

Nice of him to drop by to congratulate her, tour the local hospital and congratulate David Stone for his new business ventures in the area.

Dirt Not the Garden Type

Now although GG has been clearing debris and cleaning up around the hillside and up on the parking pad, there has not been a lot of dirt around these parts.

In fact, it has been pretty quiet until last week.

However, I have to wonder just why all of us Fawnskin Folks immediately go to the same thought process.

Case in point, on a walk with neighbor Joanie, we spied a sheriffs’ cruiser sitting unattended up the street.

As we ambled past, we chatted about how brave they were to leave it running unattended since someone might be tempted to jump in and take a drive.

Yes, yes–we knew it would be a short one with a free night or two in jail but we chuckled as I covertly scoped out the happenings there.

This is the second time the neighbors have called to report a domestic dispute.

Funny thing is, my pal’s house seems to be the go to location for those calls since he is so congenial and I guess the neighbors who have called don’t carry cell phones.

Anyway, on my second loop around, I got to wave good-bye to the sheriffs and took a shortcut to visit my pal–avoiding the area of the dispute entirely.

Like most folks around here, we notice things and they were gazing in my direction as I tromped up the little used path.

On the porch, with what first looked like a shotgun, was another neighbor.

Fortunately, it was only a BB gun but I found it amusing.

Why? Because of a story one of the sheriffs told me about how Fawnskin Folks always take care of their own and how everyone around these parts has a shotgun.

But my favorite tale, likely to become an urban legend over time, was one that involved the late Doris Lane (former owner of Fawnskin Market).

You see, Doris go fed up with some of the goings on around here. It seems that a drug dealer decided it was a good idea to meet their customers in town near the market.

She got out her gun and headed out the door, aimed it at them and told them to scram and to not come back.

It worked.

Anyway, the neighborhood guys had banded together for a visit and also were speculating about how nice it would be to speed around in the sheriffs’ cruiser.


You see, it isn’t just me. What I find funny about it is that we ALL seem to go there, at least in our minds.

Aliens in Fawnskin

Another thing of fascination around these parts is anything concerning electronics and technology.

The recent reports of an alien in Fawnskin are false.

GG happened to take some action video to disapprove the claims as you can see below.

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