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Lippy's Country Store

So, I’ve known about this for a while but waited until I actually spoke directly with Mike down at the Fawnskin Market.

The good news is that he is expanding his empire and added the Lippy’s Country Store to his new chain that I call, Mike’s Markets.

Located on the east end of the valley where highway 38 turns into Big Bear Boulevard, the place is a lot smaller but likely to be just as packed with everything you need.

Except for what GG seeks.

Mike tells me I must go search online for the things he doesn’t have and then come in to ask for them.

Heh, heh.

However, that is NOT true.

And, I can say that  he has just about anything you need–and that is a good thing.

Fawnskin Chamber

The last rumblings around town were that the Fawnskin Chamber was going to disband.

So, I finally marched right on down and talked directly with Janet Dooley about this. She assured me that it is continuing.

A new board of directors should be established in the near future.

If the information is correct, Honorary Mayor Serena Saunders will be sitting at the helm.

Opening of Big Bear Lake 2013

Now, if you were wondering about just when the Big Bear Lake launch ramps and marinas begin to open, this happens on April 1, 2013.

You can get your boat and personal water craft permits here.

In celebration of this specific day, GG thought you would enjoy this trivia about the urban legends as to the origin of April Fools Day.

Moose Lodge Breakfasts

GG hasn’t been down to the Moose Lodge in a while but earlier this year the Women of the Moose 359 began serving up breakfast on Saturday mornings.

Somehow this was omitted from the calendar and one of the locals was lamenting about how it wasn’t well attended when he popped over the other day.

My reply?

It might be a good idea to advertise around town is a good idea as not everyone is a member nor do they hit the lodge as frequently as some members.

MS Walk Big Bear

Just a heads up that Saturday, May 4th is the Big Bear MS Walk.

What you might not know is that this event started right here in Fawnskin and if you missed that news you can read more and see photos in the archives:

We all know Big Bear always takes the credit but Fawnskin tends to spearhead some amazing things around these parts.

If you want to join an existing team, or start one, click here.

Moose Lodge 2085 member Emily Parker is leading the Moose Lodge team in their fundraising efforts with over $550 collected already.

Final Notes

Word of mouth isn’t always enough, so sending news to the Fawnskin Flyer is always a good practice that local businesses and local service organizations or associations should consider.

Once, I sent these groups passcodes for access to upload their news, sadly not a one took me up on it.

Those advertisers who cough up a few bucks every month get super targeted traffic and customers and have some fun stories about it.

Just sayin’…

See ya next week. I have medical stuff down the hill but I’ll try not to be too late with the updates.

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    Margaret Lopes
    April 1st, 2013 22:58

    It might be an isolated incedent, but someone turned off a number of our circuit breakers back in Feb. and we just got up there this last weekend and found the alarm had not been working. We had to throw out all of our food in the fridge. Was not happy. ADT never notified us that there was a problem. Put a lock on our service box. You might want to mention this. Our house in on Garden Place.