Spring in Fawnskin?

Four Leaf Clover

So, the birds have been telling GG that it is spring for almost six weeks but if you want to know the truth, the last couple of days they have been really insisting.

GG listened to them and went out with at nice light short sleeved shirt and a light sweatshirt–and they were right. By the middle of the day the sweatshirt was wrapped around my waist.

About a week and a half ago, the white pelicans showed up.

But about six weeks back, the black birds turned up–which is weird since they usually are gone until the winter really disappears.

The thing is, the blackbirds swarm down and drive other birds away in their quest for food.

Since I ran out of safflower seed, they found the “crap” seed in the feeder agreeable.

You see, that lower quality seed attracts both the black birds, starlings and pigeons instead of the more properly behaved birds.

Blackbirds and pigeons are messy and instead of enjoying the party perch like every other species of bird, they make it into the poop deck.

GG has to then scrub and clean more than usual.


Out on the deck, Tickle has been patrolling the grounds. He shows up regularly now and he and a grey tabby spit it out periodically.

That is the fourth cat I have seen on the party perch now. It is a happening place but GG wonders why people just leave their cats out to fend for themselves.

Tickle’s people have been back but he shows up for first-aid and kitty cuddle time regularly so I think I am claimed.

Thailand Trip

GG managed to get a call from Thailand this week. I haven’t raised enough funds to go yet, and until the doctor fills me in on what they found in the recent blood work, I have to wait anyway.

We discussed how I might have to delay the trip until later in the year, which might be okay because it is hot, hot, hot over there now.

I don’t know whether to be relieved that they found things or to be worried but I figured I’d wait until I get the official read next week–so keep your fingers crossed.

The upside is that if they did find what the he** is wrong finally, we can deal with it so this gal can get back into the swing of things.


So GG has not seen Jack lately but as far as Jack’s parents go, reports are that they are sitting on the nest.

This is a surprise to me, since every time I try and get a gander of the nest from the deck, it is empty.

Guess I have to head down to Fawn Harbor & Captain John’s Marina to get the real scoop–so watch for it.

St Patrick’s Day

GG managed to get some corned beef and cabbage to cook up since she missed the monthly potluck.

Sometimes medical related appointments just get in the way.

If you have not had a good celebratory dinner, join Moose Lodge 2085 for a St. Patrick’s Dinner by Wayne & Crew.

Cost is only $10 and all proceeds go to MS Walk 2013.

Hard to believe that this event is just around the corner again!

Chat with you soon…probably next week unless something exciting happens around here!

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