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Bald Eagles

Like I said, GG didn’t make it over to the NSIA potluck where the update on the bald eagle pair was given.

The resident bald eagles moved to a new nest and that was a bad decision.

First off, GG cannot be compulsively following the developments.

I am sure the eagles moved because they were concerned about my obsession and they didn’t want me to be wringing my hands, pacing back and forth with worry, and other such nonsense.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife believed that there was an egg (or two) and expected hatching around a month ago.

However, after the super cold temperatures, the egg (or eggs) may have not been able to be kept at incubation temperatures.

The adults were never seen delivering food, nor were any chick heads seen popping up.

It is suspected that the eggs were dead or infertile and recent theories are that the nest was abandoned and the eggs devoured by local corvids.

If you remember, last year I began my daily vigil of watching the nest activity and Jack’s development.

It was around February 5th of this year that I saw the aerial displays and I am hoping for a miracle.

Sadly, most eagles only lay a single clutch of eggs. Incubation is usually just over a month (35 days) with both the male and female bald eagles taking turns to incubating  them.

Females tend to sit on the nest to weather the storms, taking over due to the longer endurance thought to be associated with the larger size of female birds of prey.

In some instances, a second clutch of eggs might occur if the first is lost early on (within the first week or so of initial egg laying).

Hard to say what will happen next but I’ll fill you in if something breaks.

Fawnskin Cat

Cat’n Around

Jackie Benoit asked about the above cat, if it could be a hybrid.

Wild and domestic hybrids do not naturally occur as a general rule, wild cats eat domestic cat so when one occurs, it usually is because human breeding produces them.

The above picture wasn’t too clear but might be a Bengal cat or an ocicat.

There have been a lot of domestic cats running loose throughout Fawnskin, I personally have seen seven now and that is unusually high.

A few have unusual markings or coloration.

Designer pets became all the rage as breeders began to seek new ways to spark interest in variations and felid hybrids really began to get popular in the 1990s.

Today, they have been diluted down by multiple generations, but for those of us into conservation, the concern over foundation animals remains.

Thanks for sharing the photo as we love seeing all the animals around town.

One of the neighbors higher up shared a photo of two mountain lions traveling together, still waiting on them to share it with me to post!

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