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Fawnskin Snow Flurry

Things being as they are, we had a snow flurry the other night.

Cold winds and freezing temperatures meant that Fawnskin Folks were bundled up and layered–despite the promise of spring.

Today was a relief since it was a bit warmer but, truth be told, it is still cold.

Miller Park had a slippery layer of ice on the grass since the sprinklers were obviously turned on.


Although I have not seen any dead birds, one of the locals wrote in to say she has been concerned over it.

I’ve written about West Nile Virus before but if you forgot, you can check these two sites for updates:

On the party perch, things have been a bit quiet but I’ve seen some mountain blue birds checking out one of the nest boxes but although other birds have already started nesting around town, none have taken residence in our neck of the woods yet.

Fawnskin Morning


Many locals have commented that they have not seen me much.

Part of this is because I’ve been doing better and am able to finally get back to work.

The other factor is that I am walking but am using new routes since I am sick and tired of dodging loose dogs when I am walking other animals.

The problem is so bad that it makes a number of streets totally off the list for safe ambles with canines.

Over the summer I was able to thwart 5 of 6 attacks and filed a citizen’s arrest against the one that attacked.

Sick of Sh** – How About You?

There is a leash law for the county meaning in the town and the forest.

This means pet owners and visitors are supposed to be cleaning up after their pets.

Even so, the edge of many roads and Miller Park are filled with doggie land mines from those animals allowed to run loose and whose owners don’t pick up after them.

Down on Navajo, dog owning people are not cleaning up and those piles are increasing in the lot behind the Fawn Lodge.

Just a word, that if you see a neighbor’s dog pooping, encourage them to clean up. (The owner not the dog…)

It is inconsiderate and a health hazard and poses risks to other animals and wildlife as well.


So, instead of meeting in Fawnskin, B’nai Big Bear is celebrating Havdallah in Erwin Lake.

The event will start promptly at 6:00pm. Those planning to attend are asked to bring a favorite Main Dish.

Meet at 943 D Lane, Erwin Lake which is off of State.

If you have questions about how to get there, call Allan or Elizabeth at (909) 547.6134 or for more information call B’Nai Big Bear (909) 217-7205.

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