Post Easter in Fawnskin

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So, life around Fawnskin is amusing as always.

Although it was a holy holiday week, some folks didn’t care.

A visitor to a local event was ill behaved and trash was overflowing in the local trash reciprocals and irresponsibly thrown in the forest.

GG always wonders why people come up to escape and then trash the place.

Nothing seems to have come of the dumpster location once mentioned a few years ago, perhaps it is still under works and is just taking forever, just like the bus stop.


It would be nice to get some sort of option up and running instead of having the same ol’ problem around town.

In the meantime, some of the locals get out for lake shore and town clean up a couple of times a year.

Just last week GG was happy to see the cinder sweepers come through and clean up most of the hazardous cinders on the highway.

Alas, we still have build up around the side streets and off the highway shoulders. I was up top clearing and cleaning up those suckers myself but the shoulders on my street are still filled with them and the hazards the cinders pose.

A few folks are chatting about sweeping up the cinders on Grout Creek bridge and that is a great idea since they pose a risk to both bike riders, runners and walkers.

Captain John's Marina + Fawn Harbor

Down at Captain John’s things are happening since the marina opened up on Good Friday. The marina has done a lot of shore clean up and there is a nice little beach area to enjoy.

Despite the nice sun, the air is still super chilly here and locals are finding that they are not layering enough. Just a little reminder that taking along a little extra is advisable at this stage.

I’ve been able to watch the bald eagles but alas, my scope here is not strong enough to get a good eye on the new nest location.

However, the upside is that Captain John is keeping us all in the loop.

I have a better vantage point from the shore this year than from the Grotto.


GG once knew of a local bee man up here that provided local honey.

A natural option to help with allergies, I’ve been asking around to see if we can locate him again.

Locals told me to check Community Market but they do not carry honey.

Part of the local scuttlebutt is that it would be a bear magnet…and people are expecting the young bears to become active again as the weather warms up.

My next stop will be Select Foods but if you have a local source, or know the bee man, please leave a comment so we can get a hold of him.

Redlands Bicycle Classic

This Thursday Highway 38 will be closed off temporarily for a biking event.

Locals are not too happy about it but that is the way it goes.

At least we have something to complain about this week.

I mean seriously, when you live in a quaint little mountain resort town, how bad can it really be?

The Redlands Bicycle Classic is sponsored by the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians.

Bicyclists will head up the mountain for as the official kick-off to the Redlands Bicycle Classic (April 4, 2013).

Known as the Race of Truth, this time trial will have racers heading out and back through our little mountain lake resort town.

This unique high altitude challenge will also be the opening event for USA Cycling’s National Racing Calendar.

Bad Behavior

Now a while back I abandoned the Bad Behavior section of the Fawnskin Flyer.

Part of this is because I moved the flyer in a new direction.

This was to the chagrin of many locals because it was the most popular column in the history of the Fawnskin Flyer. Many people still miss it.

It brought to light a lot of the things that happened around town and sometimes I do still report on those issues.

In the past, people haven’t liked appearing here but it isn’t the messenger that is the problem–it is the human behavior that gets people into trouble in the first place.

If the sheriff shows up, code enforcement is on the scene, or other such incidents occur, it is public information that will like be posted for the neighbors to keep up with what is going on.

Just so you all know, if there is a visit by the sheriff or other activity, coverage here is the least of your worries.

For those of you who want to keep up with it all, here are resources that reveal more than I do and give a whole lot more exposure:

Of course my rantings often result in interesting outcomes such as breaking news stories before mainstream gets them.

You might remember Ben, a local story we broke first–thanks to the diligent neighbor who made that possible.

Or perhaps you remember the radio scam.

Of course there were notorious locals that got hauled away in a cruiser for doing things such as going after another with a axe handle or physically threatening neighbors.

Then there was the dead beat dad who was here hiding out from the cops while providing roofing services without a license, and then there was the local who is still in jail for attempting to run someone over in a vehicle…colorful to be sure.

Luckily, it is mostly it is quiet around here.

Neighborhood Watch

Sadly, I have to report an incident of concern that happened up the road from me sometime over the past two months.

It seems someone turned off the circuit breakers of a house up the street.

Although it rendered the alarm useless, fortunately the main damage seems to be the loss of perishables in the fridge instead of a burglary.

However the neighbor is concerned that others need to be aware of this incident since the alarm company did not alert them of an issue.

Backup sources of power are an important part of mountain living so it might be prudent to make sure you have one in place if you do have an alarm system running.

Check with your company about best practices and consider taking steps to secure your access panel and get together with the neighbors to keep an eye on the surrounding properties.

Most of us already do that but just a reminder that it works well.

That’s it for me today. Back at ‘cha on Thursday.

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