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Apple Tree Blossoms Fawnskin

Spiders are predators that keep the pesky insect population under control. Even so, when they begin to come out in force, they can be a bit annoying to the neighbors.

GG finds super sticky webs go up early in the season. They tend to connect the half logs together and capture the gnats and mosquitoes quite effectively.

The problem with spiders is that they don’t listen.

I tell them every year, stay out of the house–and, they ignore me.

These days they enter at their own peril as I might dispatch them, although many lucky arachnids get tossed outside in a weak moment.

But, that is risky since the birds think they are tasty treats and snap them up pretty quickly.

A few locals were lamenting over the challenges of spider wrangling and I was amused.

And, like all things around here at the Fawnskin Flyer, it got me off on a tangent.

Now despite the cold front that is chilling us all and reminding us about the perils of being too optimistic about weather changes this time of year, spring signals are everywhere.

First, there are buds on the trees–and they are starting to open which might be bad as we have not had apples at our place for two years now since the open flowers got hit with the frost.

Then, there are pesky flies that have emerged–which is why I like the spiders since they catch ’em for spidey snacks.

Of course, the ants are now out as well–or rather they are in since the scouts are prowling around searching for water and tidbits before alerting the masses.

Captain Johns Marina

Yesterday and today it was downright cold but I’ve been ambling around again since I am doing better.

One of my favorite stops is Captain John’s Marina aka Fawn Harbor.

The season hasn’t really started yet but it is always great to be dockside.

Lots of pelicans are still here and the pristine snow capped mountains give a nice contrast to the warmth of the sun on most days.

Marshmallow at GG's Grotto

GG has been a busy gal. One of the nice things about getting better is that I can now get back to work.

Truth be told, I am a work-a-holic and so try and get out to visit neighbors and enjoy the mountains and lake to prevent myself from firing up the computer to work seven days a week.

This last week I tried making home made marshmallows on a day off.

I was a bit flustered over the fact that many don’t realize that these tasty treats were first made from the marsh mallow plant.

One of the things I get instructed to do, between the docs and the alternative health care practitioners, is to eat specific foods or take herbals, vitamins and other assorted tonics.

So, although I was doing fine with the marshmallow extract, I thought I’d burn some free time by making these treats.

Now, sometimes my attempts work out well–and uh, other times they don’t.

The attempt came out half way between marshmallow creme and marshmallows.

Plus, instead of ten minutes of whipping, it took a full hour before the stuff began to turn out the way it needed to.

Anyway, that is one of the challenges of living at high altitude.

I’ll be giving it another go in the near future and post the recipe once I get it sorted out.

And, because I know you are wondering, yep–they came out pretty darn tasty.

In the Drink

Known to Fawnskin Folks simply as Adrian, Richard Adrian Cisneros went missing on March 31st.

Locals have been buzzing about his disappearance and his body was recovered on Sunday, April 14th near the old Cluster Pines area.

The red 1995 GMC SUV was first spotted by a pilot who called it in and the coroner’s office will determine cause of death.

The local buzz has been that the vehicle was found quite a way out in the drink.

Some remember his unsuccessful attempts at getting Hogs Haven up and running in the downtown, while others have less savory stories to share.

Sadly, he leaves behind a couple of kids.

Keep your eyes open for other updates in the local media.


Scuttlebutt around these parts say that Rick Bates (of event’s office fame) will be spending some time at KBHR again mixing it up a bit.

Some of you might remember his, Blues on the Bear show a few years back.

GG knows you are lookin’ forward to seeing what happens.

That’s it for me for now.

Check back on Thursday for more exiting, spellbinding, small town news–or some other tangent this gal finds amusing.

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